10 Worst Fears Even if Irrational or Improbable

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Superman’s greatest fear is not being able to save his friends. The Incredible Hulk cannot stand the Void; neither could Barack Obama and the snowman that seemed to follow him everywhere in 2016. Everyone, powerful or not, seems to have something that gets them all sweaty, and the fear of something, no matter how small, is universal, according to members of a popular internet community who consider these normal yet spine-tingling fears the worst anyone, anywhere, could ever face.

1. Germs

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Germaphobes are real, and they are more abundant than you can imagine. Many people say they have an extreme fear of germs and get nervous when in unclean spaces. “It’s like I am dying, literally. I know it shouldn’t be, but I get to wash my hands tens of times a day even when it’s visibly clean,” a germaphobe narrates.

2. The Fear of Losing a Loved One

Crying woman with coffin
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Even though everyone dies eventually, very few things make the heart skip, like the loss of a dear one, several people imply. “It’s like the whole of your world crashing down in one breath,” someone describes, adding that no one ever recovers from it. One other person thinks it’s worse when the loss happens so suddenly. “Not like the terminal illness of a loved one is less heartbreaking, but you’re somewhat prepared. It’s worse when you don’t see it coming.”

3. Driving

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Who would think jumping behind the wheel could be something to dread? In the world of adrenaline junkies hoping to savor the Fast and Furious thrill, some thread users say they can’t just go behind the wheel. “Me behind the steering of a locomotive gives me anxiety. I am starting university soon, and I still haven’t got my license because of it,” an individual confesses.

4. Being Alone

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It’s been said that you have to find a way to enjoy your own company. While many people would enjoy alone time away from the noise and crowd, several others say aloneness is their gateway to feeling lonely and borderline depressed.

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5. Going Blind

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The eyes are the windows to the soul and the world outside of it. Someone explains that loss of vision can change how we relate to everything, yanking off our independence. You could lose other senses and not have to depend on anyone, but the loss of vision makes you a liability, and that hurts.”

6. Drowning

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Someone said we are here because the planet’s got water, but beneath it is never the best place to spend your last breath. “I almost drowned in a pool as a child, and I still see myself dug deep in my sleep 9ft in the darkness of the water every other week.” A second person compares drowning to “fighting for life in a horror movie, only that this is real.”

7. Thunderstorm

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It’s normal to shudder when it suddenly thunders, but some forum users say theirs doesn’t end with shuddering. “I could lose composure for hours or an entire day after it strikes. It was worse in childhood, but it’s not much different even now, as an adult.”

8. The Stairs

Woman fell down from stairs
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The stairs should be everyone’s to conquer, you’d think, but several respondents dread this standard household part. “I am so anxious about the stairs. I have to hold the railings and go slow, or I’ll fall and maybe break a bone,” a bathmophobic explains.

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9. Small Spaces

Man in tight space
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It doesn’t matter if it’s the office corridor or a train cabin; several contributors say they can’t stand small spaces for all the money in the world. One forum says he is claustrophobic. “I ignore the elevator for the stairs and can’t breathe well if the room isn’t large enough.”

10. Dogs

Big brown dog
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Most people are fond of their furry friends, and every moment spent with them is meant for the archives. But, several other people say they have an unusual fear of dogs even when they are not aggressive. “It’s just an instinctive thing. Others see a pet. I see danger,” one woman explains.

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