19 TV Shows With Satisfying Conclusions, No Cliffhangers and Not Milked to Death

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From time-traveling operatives and killers struggling with morality to battles with robots and investigations into parallel universes, there’s a show for every taste and interest. But most of the time, once ratings begin to climb, producers try to keep a show going as long as they possibly can.

There’s nothing worse than a show that should have wrapped up in five seasons stretching on for ten. Unless it’s a show that was all set up for a great ending and then got cut too soon. Enough is enough already!  

Believe us; we’re as tired of that nonsense as you are, so we’ve rounded up these shows that knew exactly when and how to end on a satisfying note. So whether you’re in the mood for suspense, action, drama, or comedy, these shows will be your next binge-worthy obsession. And the best part? No confusing cliffhangers here! 

1. Travelers

Scene from Travelers
Photo Credit: Netflix.

Set in the distant future, you’ll find humanity nearing its extinction. If that excites you, then Travelers is the best show for you. You will see a team of operatives time travel back, taking over the bodies of those who will die. In doing so, they will change history.

One person stated that they would endorse this show for eternity, which is quite a statement. Another individual lamented that the show concluded prematurely. Nonetheless, it ended without unresolved questions, leaving viewers yearning for more.

2. Mr. Inbetween

Scene from Mr. Inbetween
Photo Credit: Fox Networks.

A potential cult classic, as one person stated, Mr. Inbetween is a well-developed show spanning over three seasons. The protagonist is Ray Shoesmith, a hitman struggling with morality, loyalty, and identity concerns. With such a rich plot, the show is bound to get you hooked!

3. Battlestar Galactica

Photo Credit: British Sky Broadcasting.

Battlestar Galactica has this one asset going for it that many space- or sci-fi stories miss: it stays focused on the story that it’s telling. BSG doesn’t get side-tracked with minor characters, nor does it get so focused on the sci-fi elements like robots, aliens, and space travel that it forgets to develop the characters at all. It’s rare to have a character- and story-driven sci-fi space story, but Battlestar Galactica ticks all the boxes and then some.

4. Six Feet Under

Scene from Six Feet Under
Photo Credit: HBO.

Six Feet Under garnered widespread praise from the majority of viewers, with one individual highlighting how the concluding episode added significant value to the overall experience. The series revolves around a family managing a funeral business in Los Angeles, leading to intricate dynamics between their clients and kin.

And every episode is centered around death; spooky! So if that sends chills down your spine, this show might be the next thrilling watch you’ve been seeking. 

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5. Fringe

Scene from Fringe
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Investigating bizarre and lethal phenomena: an FBI agent and a team of scientists uncover a sinister connection to a parallel universe and a menacing faction known as ‘The Observers’. Prepare for a mind-bending journey of reality exploration.

6. Black Sails

Photo Credit: Starz.

Black Sails serves as a prelude to the events in Treasure Island. If you’re a fan of series centered on piracy and adventurous crews, this show will captivate you with its thrilling portrayal of power struggles and the fight for survival. One viewer even declared the season three finale as their all-time favorite conclusion to a series.

7. Burn Notice

Photo Credit: Fox Television Studios.

If you’re a fan of mysteries, Burn Notice is the perfect choice for you. Many viewers have observed that this series, which closely matches your expectations, doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. Across seven seasons, the show takes you on a captivating adventure with a former spy who not only assists others but also unravels the mystery surrounding his betrayal and its underlying motives.

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8. His Dark Materials

Scene from His Dark Materials
Photo Credit: HBO.

For some, a central green flag for a show is when it follows the books strictly. This is the case for His Dark Materials which is based on the book series by Philip Pullman. In this fantasy drama, young Lyra discovers a conspiracy involving parallel worlds, magic, and the mysterious substance Dust. It’s easy for a magic-centered show to take the premise of a book and carry it on until it’s absolutely worn out, but His Dark Materials ends right when it should. Overall, a must-watch!

9. Justified

Scene from Justified
Photo Credit: FX Networks.

Justified is about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, who returns to his hometown only to become embroiled in his less-than-legal past and the local criminal underworld. Someone pointed out that this is one show that gets better each season.

Now, that’s exciting. And the best part? Each season has a definitive ending, so you won’t be left scratching your head. 

10. 12 Monkeys 

Scene from 12 Monkeys
Photo Credit: Syfy Media.

If you like the movie, you’ll go crazy for the show. The story follows a time traveler who tries to stop a deadly virus from wiping out humanity. Throughout the process, he works out the complications of time travel while dealing with a sketchy organization.

As one person put it, the show keeps on getting better and better. Finally, the final episode is so good it’ll tempt you to rewatch it. Now, that’s high praise.

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11. Gilmore Girls

Photo Credit: The CW Network.

Although it’s a relatively long show, Gilmore Girls begins with Rory in high school, hoping to get into an ivy league college, and ends with her graduation and getting started with her career. It’s not a short journey and it has it’s ups and downs, but anyone who loves Lorelai and Rory is there for the whole ride; That, and the ending is just perfect as all of Stars Hollow gathers to send Rory off in pursuit of her dreams.

12. Friends

Photo Credit: The Warner Bros. Television Network.

For the first few episodes, Friends doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in particular. But as time goes on, although the direction isn’t always clear, you know there is one. The characters are gradually growing into their own lives, and the ending is one of the most satisfying moments in TV history.

13. Doctor Who (9th, 10th, 11th Doctors)

Photo Credit: BBC.

Summing up all of Doctor Who in a single paragraph would be impossible, because each new iteration of the doctor ushers in a new era of the show. It’s just not the same from one doctor to the next, so we feel pretty confident in treating each new doctor’s seasons like a mini-series of its own. That said, the actors Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matthew Smith each played out the doctor beautifully, and left their seasons wrapped up with a satisfying ending. The ratings dropped pretty severely after the11th doctor, but we have to admit that Matthew Smith’s portrayal would be a tough act to follow … literally.

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14. Firefly and Serenity

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

There’s no denying that Firefly didn’t go on too long or wind up milked for it’s popularity. This is one show that’s repeatedly bemoaned as too short altogether. If you take just the show Firefly by itself, it ends pretty sadly. But taken together with the movie, there’s a more satisfying ending, and the characters go on to forge a satisfying life after the horrifying tragedy comes at the end of the TV show.

15. The Mandalorian

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

No show is absolutely perfect, but The Mandalorian comes close. It’s not too long, and it plays out a satisfying character arc. The plot makes sense, and ends on a fairly satisfying note; the conflicts that drive the series forward are wrapped up satisfactorily in just three seasons. And while the second season takes a dip in interest and focus, the third season picks up the original plot again and drives it forward in a series of thoughtful and interesting episodes.

16. Parks and Recreation

Photo Credit: Deedle-Dee Productions.

This is another long, pure-gold TV show. There are definitely a lot of side-plots in this one, but the characters keep developing and changing throughout, and each of them gets a satisfying ending that makes sense and has left viewers happy. Like Ron Swanson; we want to give this show a stoic grunt of approval.

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17. Downton Abbey

Photo Credit: Carnival Film & Television.

There are some who are going to think that Downton Abbey dragged on for too long. But almost the whole point of the movie was to give each of the primary characters a chance at story and development, and there are a lot of central characters. Naturally, it’s going to take several seasons for viewers to get to know all those characters and become invested in their individual stories. But ultimately, we’re here for it, and especially for that satisfying ending.

18. The West Wing

Photo Credit: NBC.

There’s no end of drama, intelligence, chess-like maneuvering, and story in The West Wing. All things considered though, the producers knew when to wrap the show up, and they gave it a satisfying ending. As the show comes to an end, Bartlet’s administration also wraps up, and a new president is sworn in. It’s a fitting ending, if a little sad, and we have to admit this show and it’s witty, intelligent walk-and-talk dialogue will be missed.

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19. The Americans

Photo Credit: Amblin Television.

The Americans is an excellent show from beginning to end. The show is about a married couple of agents from the KGB living in Washington D. C. during the cold war, with their two children who know nothing about their parents being agents. The show shows a strong mix of both their personal lives and their lives as spies, mixing the two together as inseparably as they would be in life. It’s a fascinating story to behold and keeps viewers engaged until the satisfying end. We give this one two thumbs up!

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