20 Films Featuring Incredibly Obvious and Cringe-Worthy Errors

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Even great movies can suffer from continuity flaws and other mistakes that are shocking and hard to look away from once you know they are there. Movie mistakes are difficult to spot, but movies are not spotless. Some viewers are gifted with good observational eyes, and if you think all movies are perfectly made, these 20 movies will prove you wrong.


1. Die Hard

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Die Hard was released in 1988 and is one of the most popular movies by Bruce Willis. Many people like the film for a variety of reasons—from its top stunts to the crazy action scenes—it’s no wonder it hit the box office hard. However, when some movie fans rewatched the movie, they spotted an obvious and embarrassing mistake. In one error, an ambulance that was inside the truck changed it’s position from one shot to the next.  Another mistake is having the same random guy do different stunts while interacting with Bruce Willis.

2. Transformers Rise of the Fallen

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

Who can forget about the Transformers with their super-advanced cars and machines that transform into fighting robots? Released in 2009, it reached a box office total of $836.3 million from a $200 million budget. Yet, even with that budget, fans still notice a few mistakes that they can’t wrap their heads around. Once, a flight that goes from Washington DC at night to the middle of a dessert at mid-day. Apart from that, Megan Fox’s white outfit never gets dirty despite all the non-stop action and explosion scenes.

3. Anaconda

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures and Tristar Pictures

Everybody can agree that Anaconda has become one of the world’s best films ever made! Who can ever forget those giant snakes chasing humans in the wild? Despite being good, people with laser-like eyes can spot even the tiniest errors. One noticeable mistake include a waterfall running backward in Anaconda. Well, some says that it’s the studio’s fault for trying to keep a cheap budget.

4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

The famous Indiana Jones ran but it couldn’t hide from the eyes of meticulous movie fans. In one scene, Harrison Ford is standing in front of fake bookshelves, and while really meant to be a prop, it’s obvious that it’s not real. Another one is about a bouncing brick that seems to be a cleverly disguised piece of padding, a stunt prop mistake right before the viewers’ eyes.

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5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Photo Credits: New Line Cinema

With their unique fighting styles and brilliant moves, everyone loves Ninja Turtles. However, it also has some obvious mistakes. One of the worst is that the actor for Donatello is frequently visible inside his costume. Among these noticeable mistakes are fans clearly seeing the person inside Donatello’s costume, like common knowledge disguised as secrets—really embarrassing.

6. The Mummy Returns

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

If you think your favorite mummy movies are dead-free of mistakes, you’re mistaken. One of these mistakes include the scene where Rick outruns the sunrise to get to the temple. Normally, the sunrise would reach the top of the pyramid before it even touched the ground behind Rick, but not in this scene. However, some suggests that it’s a magical land, so the writers have added some flair to show Rick as if racing with the sunlight.

7. Harry Potter

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

With all the magical displays, the first Harry Potter has made a huge embarrassing mistake when it comes to the scene with the invisibility cloak. When Harry and Ron are in the room, the reflection of the green-screen side of the invisibility cloak’s fabric was seen on the mirror when Harry tosses it to the side. And a lot of other Redditors have also noticed the same thing. Maybe the magical cloak is a muggle invention after all.

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8. Charlie’s Angels

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Are you also a fan of the Charlie’s Angels? Heavenly as the movie is, there are still some errors. One of the funniest one is when Drew Barrymore’s character shouts “Lucy” to Lucy Liu instead of the character’s name. 

9. American Sniper

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

In one of the scenes with Bradley Cooper and the baby, he’s actually holding a doll. The real baby and the “understudy” were both unavailable during the shoot, so they a fake one instead. Yes, a fake one that is very obvious and ridiculous. Some fans have even point out how Cooper uses his thumb to make it look like that the baby’s arm is moving. There’s also a rumor where Bradly Cooper talked about how ridiculous it was.

10. Robocop (1987)

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

The famous Robocop film did not also escape the meticulous eyes of the viewers where it shows some really obvious and embarrassing  mistakes. In one scene an actor can be seen bouncing off of some padding in a stunt. And when Dick Jones is falling,  his arms looked strange and unnecessarily long, like a claymation effect.

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11. From Prada to Nada

Photo Credit: Lionsgate

The film ‘From Prada to Nada’ may have been one of the most ridiculous movie mistake ever had on this entire list. So, Alexa Vega’s character was in a cast half the movie, and no one seemed to remember which leg was the broken one, so she’d randomly have a different broken leg in every other scene. 

12. Gladiator (2000)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Imagine the setting of the movie is ancient Greece, yet there’s a random guy wearing a denim pant in the shot. We’ve got some serious questions for the costume designer about that one. Another Redditor has also pointed out the tip of a huge CO2 canister in one of the chariot attacks. Clearly, they could have done better during the editing of these scenes if it’s too noticeable.

13. Back to the Future (1985)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

We all know how famous the sci-fi film, ‘Back to the Future’ is, and it only makes sense that you can’t travel back and forth in time without a few anachronisms. In one scene where Marty McFly plays a guitar, some viewers have pointed out that the movie is set it in 1955 but that model of guitar wasn’t released until 1958. It’s not so obvious, but can still bother the viewers.

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14. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Photo Credit: HBO.

The Games of Thrones franchise are known to be very meticulous on the making of each episodes, yet there’s this one mistake where a Starbucks cup is left on the table in front of Daenerys. The good news is that it’s towards the back of the shot and the cup is dark-colored, so it almost blends into the shot. That is shocking indeed, leading to speculations that it was intended to create a buzz among the viewers.

15. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Photo Credit: C-2 Pictures.

In Terminator 3, there’s an obvious mistake that Redditors have pointed out. During the takeoff of the plane scene, there’s a number displayed on the airplane. In the next scene when the plane is already in mid-air, it displays a different number. Did the director uses different planes for one scene?

16. Lethal Weapon (1987)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

In the 1987 action film, ‘Lethal Weapon’ starring Mel Gibson, there’s a scene where Mel and another guy are handcuffed together while they jump off a building. Then as they’re falling, the handcuffs just … break? Hmmm. We have some questions about that.

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17. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta
Photo Credit: Miramax.

This famous Quentin Tarantino film did not escape the eyes of its viewers. Not much of a huge mistake, but it is nonetheless very obvious; right before Jules and Vincent are shot, there’s a glimpse of the bullet holes already carved into the wall behind them, but before any shots are actually fired.

18. Braveheart (1995)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

There’s that one scene in Braveheart where everyone on Reddit has been pointing it out every time. In the background of a shot while Mel Gibson is making his way into the battlefield, two guys in the background have been fighting nonchalantly, almost as if their swords weren’t even touching. Who knows, maybe extras in a movie are like mercenary soldiers; they don’t care who they’re fighting for or who wins as long as they get paid!

19. Troy (2004)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

This might be pretty common knowledge to all the movie fans: in a supposed ancient Greece scene, a plane in the background was seen behind Brad Pitt’s character, Achilles. Not only was it obvious, but it was also a ridiculously embarrassing mistake. To be fair, people have been trying to fly for hundreds of years, but we’re pretty sure nobody in ancient Greece actually succeeded.

20. The Walking Dead (2010)

Photo Credit: AMC.

It takes a lot of people to make a movie, and even the zombies must get tired or thirst in the process. Well, that leads to a ridiculous mistake, of course, where a zombie is seen drinking from a bottle in the background.

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