Wild Fan Theories About Film That Will Make You Wonder

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Media often portrays an altered reality where nothing is as it seems. But what if even darker things were happening behind the scenes that we weren’t aware of? Some fans believe behind our favorite shows are full of dark motivations waiting to come to light.

Combing through forums and conspiracy theory lists, we aim to provide the wackiest claims we can find. From murderous cars to child-eating vampires, you won’t believe what people have come up with to explain these iconic entertainment programs!

1. The Scooby-Doo Gang Are Dodging the Vietnam War

Photo Credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions.

This beloved group of adventures travels from town to town, solving local mysteries. While Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc. solve many capitalism-related problems, they never seem to have any concrete plan for what they are doing. They just drive aimlessly from town to town each week. 

One fan theory suggests a possible reason for this. Scooby-Doo Where Are You premiered during the height of the Vietnam conflict. Many American citizens were conflicted about this war and chose to go on the run rather than join the military. Fans of the series believe that the Mystery Inc. members were traveling around to avoid being arrested as draft dodgers. 

2. A Home Improvement Character Is Actually Part of the Witness Protection Program

Photo Credit: Wind Dancer Productions.

Wilson is Tim Taylor’s beloved and mysterious neighbor in Home Improvement. However, the series never offers us any information about the character; he simply exists to help Taylor solve his family problems. 

One theory suggests this is because Wilson is a member of the Witness Protection Program. This would explain why Wilson has no family members or friends in the show and why he seems much more worldly than the other people in this suburban setting. 

3. The Pixar Cars Killed All the Humans

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

Pixar’s Cars is a beloved family-friendly franchise about a world in which cars have developed sentience. The franchise gives us a glimpse into the possible cultures and societies that cars would create if left to their own devices. However, one keen-eyed fan noticed that all of the cars were designed for human use, but there are no humans in the franchise. 

The fan speculated that as cars advanced, they went the direction of Skynet and decided to destroy all the humans. Creative director for the Cars franchise, Jay Ward, later confirmed this theory to be true. (Was he joking? We’ll never know … ) This makes the Cars franchise a much more horrific production than we once thought!

4. Sesame Street’s Count Is a Real Vampire

Photo Credit: Children’s Television Workshop.

An old legend states that vampires must count any grain thrown on the ground before them. Many believe this is why the Count on Sesame Street is obsessed with math. However, fans of the series have begun to speculate that he may be feeding on the children.

This fan theory speculates that the entire cast of Sesame Street is in on the plan. The show is designed to lure in a new batch of children each year for the Count to feed on before the set disposes of the lost children. 

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5. The Fresh Prince Is Dead

Photo Credit: NBC Productions.

Some fans believe that the Fresh Prince never left West Philadelphia. The opening sequence of the show explains that Will was moved to Bel-Air after being involved in some violence in his hometown. 

However, fans believe that Will died in the altercation and that Bel-Air is what he would have imagined as heaven. Moving in with a new wealthy family where you suddenly become the coolest person in school sounds like what many would call paradise. 

6. Gilligan’s Island Is Hell

Photo Credit: CBS.

Some fans believe that Gilligan’s Island is not actually on an island. Instead, the passengers of the ship are dead, each symbolized by one of the seven deadly sins. They are forever tormented on a metaphorical island with no possibility of escape. 

All except for Gilligan, who is actually Satan. He spends his time toying with the sinners while always foiling their escape plan at the last moment. Fans point to Gilligan’s always being dressed in red to solidify this theory. 

7. The Flintstones Don’t Live In the Past

Photo Credit: Screen Gems Television.

Some fans believe that The Flintstones is set in a post-apocalyptic society bombed back into the stone age. Fans say that this theory explains why The Flintstones characters use animals and stones to try and replicate modern technology. Many believe this makes more sense than a man from the Stone Age coming up with the idea of a car.

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8. The Jetsons Live In Luxury While Everyone Else Suffers

Photo Credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions.

On that note, fans believe that the Jetsons live above the Flintstones, which is the reason for their current living conditions. This is because the Jetsons live in a futuristic city in the clouds called Orbit City. Fans speculate that the Flintstones live in squalor beneath them, toiling away on hard labor while the upper class lives a life without struggle.  

9. Donkey Is a Character From Pinocchio

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Pictures.

Shrek is a delightful tale filled with characters from beloved children’s stories. While most of their origins are apparent, some are never explained. This has led fans to theorize that Donkey is one of the children from Toy Island in Pinocchio

Toy Island is where bad children are turned into donkeys to better reflect their true personalities. This theory would tie in the Donkey’s origins with the rest of the film’s childhood story characters. 

10. Glinda Dropped the House on the Wicked Witch of the East

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

When Dorothy arrives in Oz, Glinda the Good Witch informs her that her arrival caused the death of The Wicked Witch of the East. She then steals her shoe’s and places them on Dorothy before instructing her to head to the Emerald City.

Dorothy then reveals the Wizard as a sham and accidentally topples the Government of Oz. Only then does Glinda explain that the ruby slippers will transport Dorothy back home. Fans speculate that Glinda planned all of this from the beginning to place herself as the ruler of Oz.

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11. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Is an Elaborate Series of Testimonies

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Each episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia begins with a time and date stamp. The reason for this is never explained. However, fans believe it is because each episode of the show is a court testimony from each character.

Almost all of the episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia feature one or all cast members committing a litany of crimes. Fans believe the gang would turn on each other to avoid consequences for their actions. 

12. There Is No Blair Witch

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment.

The Blair Witch Project is a terrifying found footage film about a group of college researchers who go missing in the woods. However, some fans speculate that the story is much darker than we initially thought. 

The theory states that after Heather loses the map at the beginning of the film, the two male characters set a plan to murder her and leave her body in the woods. The two would then vanish, creating new lives for themselves. 

13. Sandy Olsson Dies in Grease

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Grease is a beloved musical set around teenage romance. As much as people love the film, the ending has never been very clear. In the final moments, we see Danny driving Sandy into the sky via a flying car.

Some fans believe this is because Sandy dies at the beginning of the film, and Danny is her guide to the afterlife. This would explain her radical transformation and the break from reality at the film’s end. 

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14. Walter White Is Malcolm

Photo Credit: AMC.

Some fans believe that the hyper-intelligent Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle grew up to become Walter White in Breaking Bad. The theory points out that Malcolm would likely grow up to look like his father, who was also played by Bryan Cranston. They also point out that Malcolm’s last name is never cited in the show, thus making this theory possible. 

15. Harry Potter Is Having Daydreams

Photo Credit: Universal Studios.

In this beloved franchise, Harry Potter is taken away from his horrid life to a fantastical world where he becomes the chosen one. However, some fans believe that these stories are merely the delusional aspirations of a malnourished and abused child. 

Fans believe that Potter may be experiencing a break from reality stemming from the abuse he endures at the hands of his caretakers. This theory makes some sense, given how the book describes the abuse Potter suffered before being taken away to Hogwarts

16. James Bond Is a Distraction for Real Spies

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Fans stipulate that James Bond is an incompetent person hired by the British Government to distract from their genuine spy efforts. These fans claim that a world-renowned spy who offers his name to every person he meets wouldn’t be very useful in the world of covert espionage. 

These efforts would allow the real spies to infiltrate the evil organizations while the villain is distracted by the buffoon making all of the racket. It would also explain how Bond miraculously survives all of his encounters. 

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17. Nemo Isn’t Real

Finding Nemo (2003)
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Finding Nemo follows a father searching for his son after his family was murdered. However, some fans believe that Nemo never existed. Instead, the film is about a father going through the five stages of grief. To solidify this point, people have pointed out that Nemo means “nobody” in Latin. 

18. Tyler Durden Is Hobbs

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Fight Club is a film in which a psychologically disturbed man invents an alter ego to live out his wildest desires. Some fans believe that the Narrator and Tyler Durden are actually adult versions of the classic children’s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes

Fans point to the fact that the Narrator is unnamed as proof of this theory. They also state that the plan for Fight Club started in the comic strip when Calvin and Hobbes started the G.R.O.S.S. Club, otherwise known as the Get Rid of Slimy GirlS Club

19. Jurassic Park Has No Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Throughout Jurassic Park, audiences are given a glimpse into what living dinosaurs would look like. However, some fans believe this is all a trick John Hammond employs. Since no one knows what dinosaurs actually look like, Hammond engaged in experiments to create life forms that look like what people think dinosaurs may look like. 

Fans point to Hammond’s speech about the flea circus as proof of this theory. This would explain why none of the dinosaurs look like our scientific models. The film presents them as giant reptiles instead of the birdlike creatures we theorize they would be. 

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20. There Is Nothing Scary in Courage the Cowardly Dog

Photo Credit: Stretch Films.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is responsible for terrifying a generation of children. However, some fans believe nothing unusual takes place in the show. Instead, they think that Courage was never adequately socialized as a puppy and now finds any stranger to be a terrifying monster. 

21. Jack Dawson Is a Time Traveler

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Titanic is a bleak tale of young love. However, some fans believe that the love was merely a ruse used by a time traveler to ensure that the ship would sink. The theory states that Jack was sent back in time to stop Rose from jumping off the boat. 

If she succeeded in her suicide attempt, the Titanic would have stopped to save her, thus preventing it from hitting the iceberg. Fans also point out that Jack tells a story involving a lake that was not yet built and offers to take Rose on a roller coaster that wouldn’t be built until four years after the ship sank. 

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