10 Games That Disregarded Our Time and Tested Our Patience

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If there’s one thing that can ruin a perfect game, it’s having a short timeline to keep up with. Everyone has lives and work to do, so it’s not like we can drop everything for ten hours a day just to meet unnecessary deadlines set by terrible game designers. While there are tons of examples, here are the top ten that serve as a testament to everyone’s patience.

1. Marvel Snap

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A lot of the games that will bring you to the brink of breaking down are based around cards. Marvel Snap allows you to build up your digital decks with cards that have specific Marvel characters and unique abilities.

Every eight hours, you get two missions to complete, which allow you to boost your collection to the top. If you fail to complete them in the given time, you basically will either stay in the bottom ranks or you’ll have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to come anywhere near the top contenders.

2. Rust

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Available on Steam, Rust is basically a survival game where everything on the map wants you to lose. Whenever you go offline, you can potentially lose all your progress, which is the worst possible thing you can do to someone who’s put their sweat and blood into the game. What’s worse is you’re more likely to get attacked when you’re unavailable, making it all the more frustrating.

3. DayZ

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Boy, this game is an absolute nightmare that will get you hooked so badly because of its complete disregard for the player’s time. You find yourself in a morbid, dystopian, open-source world where players from around the globe exist on one map. This means that anytime you try to get some sleep, some random stranger looking to wreak havoc can just come and whack you.

4. DC Universe Online

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Set in the fictional world of DC, this is a multiplayer game where you can choose to be a hero or a villain. Either you can put together a team to squash other players, or you can be a one-man hit squad all by yourself. But what’s disrespectful about the game is when their login servers are swamped, people can pay to bypass the entire queue, wasting time for others in the line.

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5. Ark

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If you’ve ever seen Jurrasic Park, then Ark can be understood as a similar experience, except you start without clothes and are left to fend for yourself in a world filled with monstrous dinosaurs.

You can even tame those creatures and have a blast. But, every time you log in, you’ll just be heartbroken as your bases will be destroyed, and baby dinos will have become orphans. The only solution is to put your life on hold and keep at it.

6. League of Legends

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While this is a classic Riot production, it’s filled with players with a decade of experience, making it highly challenging for newbies to dip their toes— not to mention the massive range of characters and information you have to know before truly grasping the game. Coupled with these expert gamers, League of Legends has a very steep learning curve, so you’ll be spending hours on it with no results whatsoever.

7. Soulslike Games

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In the midst of the fictional kingdom of Lordran, the Dark Soul series is a narrative game with NPCs. The gameplay relies heavily on stamina, health, resources, and souls (the currency of the game). However, you’ll have to invest so much time in their boss runs that it takes a toll on your sanity.

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8. Starfield

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This role-playing game is built around all things space, with the main aim of exploring thousands of galaxies across the universe. But, in order to move your loot from one planet to another, you’ll have to lug it along by yourself. The worst part about this is the lack of automation for the simple task of selling your bounty, which means a ton of grunt work and little fun.

9. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Don’t come at me for this one, but all the long, grueling fetch quests that make the game way too long for no apparent reason really get me going. In the beginning, it seems very exciting to have so many little bits to play aside from the main one. However, it eventually gets so overbearing that many just end up quitting altogether.

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10. Destiny

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Destiny is a first-person shooting game where players are called Guardians that protect the Last City from all sorts of threats. One of the primary reasons why this game is even on this list is that despite being an exciting game with various costumes and weapons, one day, users logged in, and all their effort was just gone. The company decided to make all the weapon loadouts and cosmetics so challenging to get that it became impossible to keep up.

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