10 Travel Experiences That Turned Out To Be Heartwarming and Delightful

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Travel broadens the mind, as the saying goes. However, one could argue it strengthens the body, sharpens our senses, and enhances one’s soul. Sometimes, travel meets serendipity, giving travelers life-changing experiences. What are Internet users’ coolest travel moments?

1. Turkish Delight

Taxi driver
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Rolling into Istanbul after a red-eye night bus from Bulgaria, a traveler recalls heeding warnings about dodgy taxi drivers in the city. He arrived with no Turkish lira in his pocket, thinking the cab driver would fleece him, but was surprised when his driver was a delightful character who even refused the cash the traveler offered.

2. Positively Parisian

Man at restaurant paying bills
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Parisian maître des are renowned for their stuffiness and intolerance of anybody not affiliated with gastronomy. However, two Paris visitors were pleasantly surprised by how friendly the waiting staff were. It helped that they attempted to speak French, which locals appreciate, even laughing at some malapropisms.

3. Business in Bangalore

Banglore palace in Banglore
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One modern nomad gets kicks from visiting most places but feels apprehensive when given an assignment in Bengaluru, India. Indian cities are renowned for their chaotic traffic, lack of space, and oppressive poverty. However, she was astonished by the rich culture and hospitality, even visiting a local’s house for Diwali — India’s festival of light.

4. A Random Italian Town

Old town of Brisighella in italy
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When a lady visited Italy with her husband, they made no plans for their visit, and when they arrived, her husband had an idea to choose a random place on the map. He chose Brisighella, which turned out to be one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. To be fair, most towns in Italy’s countryside are stunning.

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5. Botswana Humanity

Woman checking for passport
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Can you imagine dropping a purse in a national park and getting it back? Without fear, you can drop a purse with passports, phones, and money in Botswana. When one safari tourist lost her purse, her guide, park rangers, and fellow staff helped find it. What’s most astonishing is after her guide drove 20 miles to pick it up, all the money, cash, and phone were still there.

6. Napoli Casts a Spell

Napoli Afragola, Naples
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People who have never been there have a penchant for warning others about visiting Naples in Southern Italy. While there are areas and times of night to avoid, like most major U.S. cities, one tourist calls Naples one of the most alive cities in the world. Sometimes, the cities with bad reputations offer the most charm — Naples is one of them.

7. Tears in Japan

Traveler in Japan
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A confessed “late bloomer” in the travel season finally summoned the courage to leave her comfort zone, booking a trip to Japan. It wasn’t until she finally stepped foot in Shinjuku that the 26-year-old realized literally and figuratively how far she’d come. The delicate beauty and egalitarian peace of a Japanese city made her tearful — Japan will do that to you.

8. A Romanian Fairytale

Brasov, Romania
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After seeing Romania on a Euro vacation, one young man became hooked, going back repeatedly. He considers Romania the most underrated destination in Europe: the people are friendly, the food is great, and the landscape has everything from beaches to mountains, grasslands, and unspoiled forests.

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9. Taiwanese Graciousness Wins the Day

Woman tourist in Taiwan
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The next story involves an Airbnb in Taiwan, where the owner was attentive to his guests. He had already upgraded the storyteller, who was blown away by how generous his host was — restocking the fridge daily, cleaning the whole apartment, and even taking his guests on a delightful street food tour of his city.

10. A German in Croatia

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Backpacking through Croatia one summer, my friend and I visited a small island on the Dalmatian coast. The holiday season was in full swing in August, so finding a room for the night was almost impossible at the local tourist office. Thankfully, a kind local Croatian who spoke no English offered to put us up in his guesthouse; I managed to communicate using my rusty German with him. He left a fresh bowl of figs outside our room each morning and invited us in to drink schnapps in the evenings. What a nice man.

Source: Reddit.

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