15 Characters That We Totally Misunderstood When We Were Children 

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

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When we’re kids, the villains and heroes seem super easy to identify, but as you get older, you realize things aren’t so black-and-white. This means rewatching movies and shows you grew up with can shed new light on certain characters. Villains become sympathetic, heroes become flawed, background characters take on more depth, and you can appreciate characters in new, mature ways.

1. Cinderella

Image Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

Many little girls who grew up in the ’90s and ’00s had a favorite Disney princess, but it usually wasn’t Cinderella. She seemed boring, plain, and even a little whiny. But when you consider her situation with a fully formed frontal lobe, it’s easy to see that she’s a broken orphan in need of love and affection and is amazingly kind and positive considering her tragic life.

2. Professor Utonium

Tom Kane in The Powerpuff Girls (1998)
Image Credit: Cartoon Network.

Professor Utonium is the father/creator of the Powerpuff Girls, but he doesn’t get a lot of credit for being such an amazing father. As a kid, you barely care that he exists, but as an adult, it’s heartwarming to see his devotion to his little science experiments.

3. Darla Sherman

Finding Nemo
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Darla Sherman is the obnoxious little girl in Finding Nemo who shrieks and nearly flushes Nemo down the drain. She’s beyond annoying when you watched the movie as a kid, but watching it now, you realize her reaction was fair considering birds were flying in the room and fish were trying to escape.

4. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry
Image Credit: Miramax Films.

We’re lumping these two together since they are part of the same show. Most of us rooted for Jerry to escape and Tom to fail in his mission to catch the mouse. However, as an adult, a mouse in your house is very unwanted and unpleasant, and Tom was just trying to do his job as a cat!

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5. Sokka of the Water Tribe

Avatar_ The Last Airbender
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

Sokka is an underrated character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is one of the few main characters with no bending powers, and he’s a little irritating and high-strung at times. But looking back, he was an incredible and strong character who saved his friends and family on more than one occasion.

6. Squidward Tentacles

Spongebob Squarepants
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

Ah, Squidward, the cranky and pessimistic antagonist in Spongebob Squarepants we all loved to hate. But was he wrong? In hindsight, Spongebob and Patrick are insanely annoying people, and he is stuck with Spongebob, not only at work but at home, because they’re neighbors.

7. Candace Flynn

Phineas and Ferb
Image Credit: Disney Television Animation.

Yes, Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb is one of the most iconic snitches of all time, but in reality, she was just trying to keep her brothers safe. They weren’t eating too much candy or cursing; they were building dangerous, fiery vehicles and traveling to other planets, so someone needed to intervene. Frankly, their mom was an absent parent.

8. Alex Russo

Wizards of Waverly Place
Image Credit: Disney Channel.

Alex Russo was the cool and sassy main character from the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. She was funny, beautiful, and edgy, so many young girls wanted to be like her. But watching it back as an adult, it’s clear that she’s a selfish and inconsiderate person who does whatever she wants.

9. Andy’s Mom

Toy Story
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

In the Toy Story films, Andy’s mom seems harmless, like any sweet suburban mother. However, if you pay attention during your rewatches, you’ll see that she almost directly causes all the terrible things that happen to the toys! She took every opportunity to throw his toys away and was careless with her children’s things.

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10. Nani

Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

When you’re a kid, you just want Lilo and Stitch to be together, and Nani is the lame, mean guardian who is telling Lilo they can’t keep him. But once you get older and rewatch Lilo & Stitch, you see that Nani was just a normal, responsible adult, and Stitch is a dangerous alien. And she was right, the house gets destroyed!

11. Tinkerbell

Tinker Bell (2008)
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Tinkerbell was always adorable and pretty, so many young girls liked her, and she’s a common Halloween costume. However, upon rewatching the Peter Pan movies as an adult, it becomes apparent that she is a spoiled brat and maybe even a little evil. She has redeeming moments, but her personality and intentions are awful.

12. Grandpa Joe

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was happy to hold up in bed and have his poor family cater to him until the day he died. But the moment he finds out he can go eat some chocolate and take a once-in-a-lifetime factory tour, all of a sudden, he’s healthy as a horse and literally springs out of bed and does a dance; how rude.

13. Ash Ketchum

Photo Credit: Nintendo.

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon had a strategy that often was obviously less likely to win than his opponents. As a kid, this may seem like a poor choice for a hero. As adults, we can see that they focused on the more important matter of teaching kids that it is okay to lose.

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14. Arnold

Photo Credit: Schoolastic.

Arnold from The Magic Schoolbus initially seemed negative and whiny. From an adult perspective, he is offering up the voice of reason among a bus full of kids that have no sense of self-preservation with a teacher who is willing to throw care to the wind for a learning adventure.

Source: Quora.

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