18 Horror Hidden Gems You May Have Missed

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Horror is becoming more popular than ever. The genre has steadily risen for the past twenty years, and fans are always searching for new films to watch. However, with the rise in popularity, horror has also seen a surge in the number of movies released yearly.

Because of this, figuring out which titles to watch can take time and effort. To help address this problem, we have created a list of horror films that flew under the radar. From horror comedies to deeply unsettling films, these movies should entertain even the knowledgeable horror fan.

1. Southbound

Photo Credit: Soapbox Films.

Anthologies are an essential part of the horror genre. They allow promising writers and directors to show off their skills. But it is difficult to compile all these stories into an overarching narrative that can give an audience a good scare. Southbound does not have this problem.

This anthology places sinners in a small desert town to face their demons. In this space, the rules of time do not exist as we know them. The dead walk among the living. Each segment is filled with enough rich lore that it could work as a stand-alone film.

2. The Endless

Photo Credit: Snowfort Pictures.

While not the scariest entry on this list, The Endless is a must-see for sci-fi horror fans. This film comes to us via horror royalty Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. This slow-burn horror follows two brothers trying to make a life for themselves after escaping a cult as children. But after receiving a mysterious videotape, the two return to the cult’s compound for answers.

The Endless is a Lovecraftian masterpiece that keeps audiences guessing until the end. The film delivers a heartfelt message about life, loss, and what it means to be a family. The film follows Justin and Aaron’s first project, Resolution. It is set in the same universe and is an excellent addition for people who love The Endless.

3. 13 Sins

Photo Credit: RADiUS-TWC.

This film asks a simple question: What would you do for a million dollars? While not the most original premise in the horror genre, 13 Sins does an excellent job of turning the premise on its head. The film also features significant character development and enough twists and turns to keep audiences engaged.

13 Sins follows a desperate salesman struggling to keep his family above water. Believing his luck has turned, he is informed that he is a contestant on a hidden game show that requires him to complete escalating complex tasks. The man’s life soon goes off the rails, and he must determine how far he will go to save himself and his family.

4. I Trapped the Devil

Photo Credit: Yellow Veil Pictures.

Horror often revolves around broken family dynamics. I Trapped the Devil follows a man and his wife as they visit their distant brother for the holidays. Upon arrival, they discover he has someone locked in the basement that he believes to be the devil.

The film does a fantastic job of showcasing the stress and dissatisfaction accompanying the holiday season. I Trapped the Devil asks how far we will go for our loved ones and, more importantly, how we can help them if their own minds have turned against them.

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5. Bone Tomahawk

Photo Credit: Caliber Media Company.

Not enough people are aware there is a cannibal western featuring Kurt Russell. Bone Tomahawk is a gruesome, brutal horror film not for the faint of heart. That being said, it features some fantastic effects and iconic horror actors.

Kurt stars alongside Patrick Wilson in this period piece about an elderly sheriff attempting to track down the town’s only doctor. They soon stumble upon a cannibalistic group of indigenous people whose actions would make Eli Roth blush.

6. Splinter

Photo Credit: ContentFilm International.

What would have to happen for a pair of hostages to team up with their kidnappers? Splinter provides a unique answer to this question. The film follows a young couple who are taken hostage by a pair of criminals fleeing the law. The four of them soon realize they face a more significant threat than they could have imagined.

The team faces off against a parasitic life form that assimilates whatever it touches. Zombie films are played out now, but Splinter tackles this trope with grace and ease. The film features excellent practical effects and fantastic performances from Shea Whigham and Jill Wagner.

7. The Void

Photo Credit: Cave Painting Pictures.

Lovecraftian horror is all the rage these days. Films like Annihilation and Color Out of Space have proven that fans are eager for all that is cosmic and unknown. Few horror films take on the challenge like The Void.

Set in a small town, a local hospital is surrounded by cultists who kill anyone who attempts to leave. The Void escalates to true Lovecraftian madness. It features incredible practical effects and a storyline emphasizing the old adage that sometimes dead is better.

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8. Anything for Jackson

Photo Credit: Vortex Productions.

This shudder original is as bleak as it is terrifying. Anything for Jackson is the story of an elderly couple who have lost their daughter and grandson in a recent car accident. Not willing to let death take away their loved ones, the husband kidnaps a pregnant woman to use in a ritual in an attempt to get his grandson back.

Anything for Jackson is a tragic look into the effects of grief and what we are willing to do to save our families. The film relies on limited actors and set pieces to create a simple yet effective horror experience.

10. Last Shift

Photo Credit: Skyra Entertainment.

Inspired by cult activities such as the Jonestown Massacre, Last Shift is a paranoia-filled ride that ramps up the suspense and never stops. The film follows a new police recruit tasked with babysitting the old police station on the last evening before it shuts its doors for good.

As her anxiety begins to set in, unexplainable things start to happen in the station. But how much of what she sees is simply in her mind? Last Shift is a haunting supernatural thriller that deserves more love. The film was recently rebooted as Malum, but many fans still prefer the original.

11. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Photo Credit: Brothers Dowdle Productions.

This found-footage horror film doesn’t require much in the way of suspending disbelief. The Poughkeepsie Tapes feels so real that it becomes unnerving. The shaky camera provides a home video feel, making it hard to dismiss the actions depicted as Hollywood magic.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a series of found footage tapes belonging to a serial killer who abducts and tortures young women. The film does a fantastic job of keeping audience members enthralled throughout the film. However, the film is difficult to watch and should not be viewed by those affected by realistic violence.

12. Lake Mungo

Photo Credit: Mungo Productions.

After their daughter’s death, a family begins to suspect that their home is being haunted by their lost loved one. The family then seeks the aid of local news stations and psychics to assist them with their problems. Lake Mungo asks audiences how well we really know the ones we love.

Lake Mungo centers more on tragic family dynamics than ghosts, but it still offers some genuinely terrifying moments. It offers a harrowing look at loss, infamy, and the things that haunt us. The result is a fantastic horror film that should be on everyone’s watch list.

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13. The Banshee Chapter

Photo Credit: Phase 4 Films.

Stranger Things has popularized government programs such as the MK-Ultra experiments, but no piece of media handles these themes as well as The Banshee Chapter. The film takes secret government experiments, throws in a little Hunter S. Thompson for good measure, and creates a gripping horror tale unlike any other.

After her friend’s disappearance, a young investigative journalist searches for answers regarding a mysterious government chemical. She is soon sucked into a rabbit hole that she may never escape from. The Banshee Chapter is a suspenseful horror flick that takes its time setting up before unleashing some mind-blowing horror upon the audience.

14. Baskin

Photo Credit: Film Colony.

Many horror films discuss hell, but Basking shows audiences what it actually looks like. This Turkish horror movie is based on a short film of the same name. Baskin follows a group of police officers who become part of a black mass while searching for a subject.

Baskin is loved for its brutal storytelling and exploration of themes such as redemption and damnation. However, this film is not for the faint of heart. Baskin is as brutal as it is terrifying. The film has reached cult classic status for its depictions of hell and the afterlife in all of their horrific beauty.

15. They Look Like People

Photo Credit: They Look Like People.

Watching a friend lose their grip on reality is a painful experience many people are forced to endure. They Look Like People is the story of two friends reuniting later in life. What could be a heartwarming tale quickly changes as one of the young men begins to have psychotic episodes about an impending war.

At its heart, this film is about friendship and helping those we love, even if that help comes at a significant cost to our own lives. They Look Like People relies on limited locations and unsettling imagery to drive its point home. What results is a fantastic horror film that will leave you feeling empty inside.

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16. Deathgasm

Photo Credit: Metalheads.

Rock and roll and the horror genre are a match made in heaven. Or, according to Deathgasm, a match made in hell. Deathgasm is the tale of an aspiring heavy metal artist who stumbles upon some sheet music that allows him to control the forces of hell.

Unsurprisingly, this all goes horribly wrong. Deathgasm follows in line with a lot of rock and roll related horror films, but none are as witty and hilarious as Deathgasm. This horror comedy isn’t the scariest film on this list, but it is the most fun.

17. You Might Be the Killer

Photo Credit: ALLaBorde Films.

Horror characters often get criticized for making dumb decisions in their movies. Because of this, horror fans started making meta-horror films, which are horror films that are aware of their genre. You Might Be the Killer is a shining example of how great these films can be when done well.

As is tradition, the film is set in a summer camp where all the counselors slowly go missing. You Might Be the Killer is filled with tongue-in-cheek references to the horror flicks that came before it. This thoughtful examination of the genre provides a fun time for newcomers and horror veterans alike.

18. In the Tall Grass

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Is grass scary? What if you gave it the power to control time? That’s the question asked by Stephen King and Joe Hill in the film In the Tall Grass. When a young couple hears a child crying in a field of grass on the side of the road, they venture in to investigate. Unfortunately for them, the grass holds cosmic power that can manipulate time and space.

The premise may sound a little whacky, but In the Tall Grass is a genuinely scary flick. The film has Lovecraftian themes and excellent character development that should excite any horror fan. Stephen King has made everything from cars to hotel rooms scary, so why not add grass to that list?

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