20 Funniest People To Influence Comedy Culture

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In the world of comedy, few people have been able to transform laughter into the stuff of Hollywood legend. Today, we would like to credit some performers who have etched their names into history with their unique and brilliant comedic stylings.
Comedy is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and has evolved with each generation that commits to it. From oddball humor to earnest deadpan performances, comedy can transcend genres and expectations. Today, we have picked twenty of the funniest people in the media for you to enjoy.

1. Jim Carrey

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This unique comedian won over audiences with his over-the-top energy and wild antics. Jim Carrey is often regarded as one of the funniest people of all time due to his unique sense of humor and ability to transform himself into whatever character is needed.

Jim Carrey got his start in the early days of In Living Color. He soon moved on to iconic roles in films such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey has proven time and time again he is a powerhouse in the world of comedy.

2. Bill Murray

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This comedian became iconic for his deadpan delivery and quick wit. Bill Murray made a name for himself in the hit sketch show Saturday Night Live before moving onto the silver screen. He has since gained a more extensive fan base for his roles in Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Zombieland.

Bill Murray is one of the most well-known names around. His elusiveness and real-world hijinks have given him mythical properties in the world of entertainment. Murray is a national treasure beloved by his fans worldwide.


3. Adam Sandler

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Primarily known for his juvenile humor, Adam Sandler surprised audiences with his brilliant performance in Uncut Gems. Sandler’s distinct style of irreverent humor mixed with absurd physical comedy places him in a league of his own.

Like many others on the list, Adam Sandler got his start on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. He also proved that he has excellent acting potential. Films like Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, and Billy Madison are treasured comedy classics.

4. Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy is one of the most influential comedians of all time. His razor-sharp wit and charismatic humor have entertained the masses for generations. The star started playing the iconic Buckwheat character on Saturday Night Live before moving to films.

Since then, Eddie Murphy has appeared in a myriad of films, including The Nutty Professor, Coming to America, Trading Places, and Beverly Hills Cop. Whether in stand-up, sketch comedy, or film, Eddie always brings his A-game when entertaining audiences.


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5. Robin Williams

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This iconic comedian is a national treasure. Many consider Robin Williams to be the funniest person ever to have lived. His quick wit, lightning-fast improv skills, and boundless energy made him a shining star in the comedy world.

Robin Williams is fondly remembered for his work in comedies such as Mork and Mindy and his deeply moving roles in films like Good Will Hunting. He has proven that he can always find good humor in every situation.

6. Will Ferrell

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If anyone has ever committed to the bit, it’s Will Ferrell. This comedian brings a unique brand of absurd comedy to each character he plays. Will’s energetic comedy style and hilarious lack of ego have made him a fan favorite over the years.

Will got his feet wet on Saturday Night Live, entertaining audiences with his spot-on impressions. Later in life, he would star in hilarious films such as Anchorman, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Elf.

7. Chris Rock

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Standing tall as one of the best stand-up comedians of all time, Chris Rock is a powerhouse of comedy. His observational humor and ability to tackle complex social issues have made him one of the most critical voices in comedy.

Chris has given audiences brilliant comedic performances in films like Dogma and Osmosis Jones. He shows that he also has the chops for dramatic acting in his role as Pookie in New Jack City. Chris Rock uses his impressive wit to make his audiences laugh, but more importantly, he makes them think.

8. Steve Carell

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Beloved for his role in the hit sitcom The Office, Steve Carell is an outstanding everyman comedian. His awkward, deadpan delivery style creates an irresistible nervous laughter in audiences that is hard to compete with.

Steve Carell’s bumbling fool performances can turn even the most mundane event into a comedic blast. He became a fan favorite for his roles in films like Anchorman, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Get Smart, and Date Night.


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9. Seth Rogen

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This brilliant comedian is known for pushing the envelope with their stoner-friendly comedy styling. Seth Rogen brings a high energy and irreverent style to his roles, which makes viewing his films a unique experience for audiences.

Seth Rogan got his start on the hit TV series Freaks and Geeks alongside other comedians such as Martin Starr, James Franco, and Jason Segel. Rogan has since entertained the world with his comedic roles in Sausage Party, The Night Before, and The Interview.

10. Steve Martin

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This classic comedian dominated the comedy landscape in the 1980s. Steve Martin’s sharp wit and dry humor have made him a comedy legend. From stand-up to dramatic films, Steve has proven that he can handle anything that’s thrown at him.

Steve Martin rose to fame for his brilliant stand-up before becoming a star on Saturday Night Live. He soon became a breakout star for his witty performances in films like Father of the Bride, The Jerk, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

11. Ben Stiller

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This amazingly awkward comedian won over the hearts of audiences with his cringe-inducing performances. Ben Stiller has a sly humor that lets the audience know that he is in on the joke and that it’s okay to laugh at his wacky on-screen antics.

The famed comedian once had their own TV show, The Ben Stiller Show, but is primarily known for their work in film. He has entertained audiences with films like Zoolander, Dodgeball, and Meet the Parents.

12. Jack Black

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Few pieces of talent have the raw energy and charisma that this comedy legend brings to the stage. Jack Black is notorious for breaking the internet and subverting all expectations. The beloved icon made a name for himself as half of the hilarious band Tenacious D.

Jack Black manages to bring laughter to every film he appears in. His roles in Ice Age, School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story have cemented his status as a comedy legend.


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13. Mike Meyers

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One of the best character actors of all time, Mike Meyers, dominates every production part he plays. After being in showbiz for over thirty years, this comedian has entertained generations of audiences with his hilarious characters.

Mike Meyers is a family-friendly comedian everyone can enjoy. His performances in films like Shrek, The Love Guru, Wayne’s World, and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me proves Mike Meyers is one of the best comedians of all time.

14. Paul Rudd

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This comedian’s offbeat humor has made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy. Paul Rudd started his career in minor TV roles before catching his big break as Josh in the cult classic film Clueless. This role catapulted Rudd to stardom.

Paul Rudd has the unique ability to provide deadpan humor while playing the lovable doofus. He has been a part of some of the best comedic films to date. Paul Rudd’s comedic prowess shows through in films like Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Ant-Man, This is the End, and Dinner for Schmucks.

15. John Mulaney

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This clever comedian is considered one of the best stand-up acts of his generation. John Mulaney combines clever wordplay, relatable humor, and unforgettable impressions to create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

John Mulaney is primarily known for his stand-up acts, but the talented comedian spends much of his time behind the scenes of the comedy world. He has written for iconic shows such as Saturday Night Live and Documentary Now.

16. Chris Farley

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This larger-than-life comedian has been sincerely missed since his tragic and unexpected death in 1997. Chris Farley is fondly remembered as the greatest comedian of his generation. His lovable oaf performances brought an unbound energy and fearless physical comedy that can never be replicated.

Chris Farley got his big break performing on Saturday Night Live, famously playing a Chippendales dancer alongside Patrick Swayze. He is also remembered for his iconic roles in films like Beverly Hills Ninja, Black Sheep, and Tommy Boy.


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17. Bill Burr

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This controversial comedian has made a name for themselves by challenging audiences. Bill Burr’s comedic stylings work because he aims to offend everyone. This approach has worked well for Burr, as he is now considered one of the best comedic performers around.

Bill Burr is most recognizable from his stand-up specials, but he is also a prolific actor. Roles in films such as Zombeavers, Old Dads, and The Heat are testaments to Burr’s one-of-a-kind comedy.

18. Chris Tucker

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His hyperactive energy, fast-paced delivery, and charming charisma have made Chris Tucker a comedy legend. Tucker started performing on Def Comedy Jam before breaking onto the silver screen with his performance on Friday.

Chris Tucker brings an energy to his roles that cannot be topped. He has appeared in classic comedies such as House Party 3, The Fifth Element, Rush Hour, and Friday.

19. Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s boundary-pushing comedic stylings have earned him recognition as one of the most daring comedians of his generation. Cohen’s comedy is often controversial and political. However, he delivers these complex themes in a digestible format that audiences adore.
Sacha Baron Cohen began his career on the 11 O’Clock Show before creating the Ali G Show in 2000. He has since wowed the world with his roles in Borat, The Dictator, Bruno, Sweeney Todd, and Les Misérables.

20. John Cleese

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John Cleese has the rare ability to turn any situation into brilliant sketch comedy. The actor has reached the pinnacle of fame for his collaboration with the Monty Python Crew and bringing his unique blend of deadpan and sharp-witted humor.

This celebrated comedian has worked in film since the late 1960s and has amassed a giant portfolio. Fans fondly remember his roles in classic movies such as How to Irritate People, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Great Muppet Caper, and A Fish Called Wanda.


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