21 Most Insufferable TV Show Characters

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Television offers audiences a wealth of entertainment. From amazing heroes to intriguing villains, countless varieties of characters have graced the screen throughout the decades. However, not all these characters are as entertaining as they should be.

Today, we would like to examine some of the most insufferable characters ever appearing on screen. Digging through the thousands of TV shows produced, we have pulled out some of the most frustrating, annoying, or downright unlikable characters we could find.

1. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Photo Credit: The CW Television Network.

When Gilmore Girls first aired, Rory Gilmore was presented as a bright young girl with a traditional moral compass. However, as the series progresses, she is slowly revealed to be an awful daughter and girlfriend.

Not only does she cheat with nearly every romantic partner she has, but Rory also abandons her mother on the day she graduates college. Her moral superiority and arrogant attitude eventually frustrated audiences who enjoyed the character they were first introduced to.

2. Skyler White, Breaking Bad

Photo Credit: AMC.

Although she may be hated for the wrong reasons, Skyler White is still one of the most disliked characters on television. Fans of Breaking Bad dislike White for her unsympathetic persona and her perceived betrayal of the show’s protagonist, Walter White.

3. J.D., Scrubs

Photo Credit: NBC.

Scrubs is filled with characters who make morally questionable decisions. However, many of these decisions were meant to benefit the hospital patients. J.D.’s reprehensible choices throughout the show were primarily callous and self-serving. As the main character, J.D. often frustrates audiences with his arrogant and inappropriate behavior.

4. Frasier Crane, Frasier

Photo Credit: NBC.

Fraiser Crane was afforded every possible advantage in life. He has wealth, influence, and fame. Instead of being grateful for these gifts, Crane spends his days whining about his life and being snobby to those around him.

As the show’s titular character, Crane could expect some growth from audiences. Instead, the character only grows more obnoxious and arrogant with each passing season. This iconic therapist should seek professional help with his emotional problems.

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5. Raymond Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond

Photo Credit: CBS.

For nine seasons, audiences tuned in weekly to watch Raymond Barone complain about his family. Barone never tries to fix anything or take initiative with his family. He simply whines about how unfair his wildly successful life is.

6. Janice Soprano, The Sopranos

Photo Credit: HBO.

The Sopranos is the greatest TV show ever made, period. It is filled with morally gray characters audiences love to hate. However, no one is more hateable than Tony Sopranos’ sister, Janice. Although she was very similar to her brother, she lacked the charisma and charm that convinced audiences to overlook some of Tony’s worst qualities.

7. Meg, Supernatural

Photo Credit: The CW Television.

Starting her story arc as a mighty demon who could thwart the Winchester boys at every turn, Meg was eventually reduced to an unnecessary side character. Why the show changed her trajectory in this way is anyone’s guess. Still, fans did not appreciate one of the series’ coolest enemies turning into a goofy sidekick.

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8. Gina Linetti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Photo Credit: NBC.

Sometimes, a mean character can provide a good laugh for the audience. However, many felt that Gina Linetti was mean for the sake of being mean. Her crass personality and overbearing presence took away from the overall plot in a way that audiences didn’t care for.

9. Andy Bernard, The Office

Photo Credit: Reveille Productions.

There is a thin line between dry, awkward humor and cringe-inducing behavior. Andy Bernard missed that mark by a mile. His antics were often self-serving and unnecessary to the show’s plot. Bernard felt like a character shoehorned into the show to see how much cringe an audience would take before looking away.

10. Ross Geller, Friends

Photo Credit: The WB Television Network.

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. That being said, it also features one of the most annoying characters on this list. Ross Geller is an entitled, whiny man-child who believes he is God’s gift to women.

Because of the era in which the series premiered, Friends’ plot contains some sexism. However, no one abused this system in the way Geller has. His constant mistreatment of Rachel and left-loathing antics make him a character best left forgotten.  

11. Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Photo Credit: CBS.

Whether or not Barney Stinson is supposed to be a satirical character is irrelevant. His constant sexist remarks and womanizing have not aged well in the world of modern television. Stinson portrayed an aspect of masculinity that is not only harmful but downright frustrating.

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12. Pierce Hawthorne, Community

Photo Credit: NBC.

Dan Harmon’s Community is among the best shows ever to grace television. However, it also features an arrogant, racist, sexist, and homophobic bigot named Pierce Hawthorne. This character is partially inspired by a conflict between Harmon and Hawthorne’s actor, Chevy Chase.

It is rumored that Chase had several bad interactions with Harmon and the rest of the cast. As a result, Harmon turned Hawthorne into a highly unlikeable character to represent how Chevy reportedly acted on the set. The result is a genuinely awful person who is the butt of many of the show’s jokes.

13. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The brilliant individual with poor social skills is a bit played out at this point. Sheldon Cooper encapsulates everything wrong with this character archetype. He is arrogant and rude and believes his perceived intelligence makes him better than everyone around him.

14. Ziggy Sobotka, The Wire

Photo Credit: Blown Deadline Productions.

The Wire is often cited as one of the most outstanding TV series ever made. Unfortunately, season two took the series in a new direction and introduced many new characters, including Ziggy Sobotka.

Sobotka was intentionally written to be aggravating. His self-destructive nature and reckless actions stood out amongst his more fleshed-out costars. If the writers of The Wire set out to create the most annoying character of all time, they may have succeeded with Ziggy Sobotka.

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15. Joffrey Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Photo Credit: HBO.

Game of Thrones is filled with some pretty nasty characters. However, sometimes, these characters cross a line that takes them from morally gray to downright evil. Joffrey crossed that line quickly and without looking back.

The would-be king of Westeros is a revulsive, self-serving character with no redeeming qualities. Every show must have a captivating villain, but Joffrey’s sadistic nature goes well beyond the traditional bad guy’s line.

16. Scrappy-Doo, Scooby-Doo

Photo Credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions.

It’s anyone’s guess why studios thought anyone would like Scrappy-Doo. The overzealous puppy is often seen as an unnecessary addition to Mystery Inc. at best and an annoying distraction at worst.

While Scooby-Doo is primarily about a group of teens running away from scary monsters, Scrappy’s constant need to battle the masked figures is seen as a frustrating breakup of the original formula. This all came full circle when Scrappy became the main villain in the 2000 live-action Scooby-Doo film.

17. Eric Forman, That 70s Shows

Photo Credit: Casey-Werner Company.

It is odd that a show’s main character is also the most unlikeable. Many of the show’s episodes center on how lazy, controlling, and annoying Eric Forman can be. Eric is a solid five who is loved by a wonderful woman far outside his league.

What does he do with this once-in-a-lifetime gift? He attempts to control the woman’s natural, free spirit. There are many inherent problems with That 70s Show, but Eric Foreman’s attitude stands out as the most annoying.

18. Dennis Reynolds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show about the worst people you could imagine. However, most of their antics are hilariously absurd, causing you to look past just how awful they are. This is not the case for Dennis Reynolds.

If you could somehow look past all of the sexual assault, the man is clearly a sociopath. The show exaggerates this fact for laughs, but Reynolds often crosses the line from misogynistic idiot to dangerous maniac.

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19. Alan Harper, Two and a Half Men

Photo Credit: The WB Television Network.

It is impressive that Jon Cryer was paired alongside Charlie Sheen and still managed to be the most annoying character on the show. This sad shell of a man leeched off everyone around him and viewed women as objects for him to use. Alan Harper will be remembered as the unfunniest character on an already unfunny show.

20. Bill Compton, True Blood

Photo Credit: HBO.

For a semi-immortal vampire, Bill Compton is pretty boring. His overly-long relationship with Sookie never quite struck audiences in the way it was supposed to. Instead, we were left with an uninteresting villain with a terrible catchphrase.

21. Miranda, Sex and the City

Photo Credit: HBO.

Sex and the City is a fabulous show about four women living their best lives in New York. However, one of these women always acted like she was better than the rest. Miranda is a successful woman who knows what she wants. Although those are excellent characteristics, she often comes off as condensing and unappreciative of her friends.

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