21 Films From 2023 You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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Creating a definitive list of the best films of an era is impossible. Art is subjective, and not everyone has the same taste. Over 100 films were released in 2023, many of which received critical acclaim. That being said, critical acclaim doesn’t mean that general audiences loved the film.

To curate the best films of 2023, we analyzed internet comments, Oscar nominations, and Rotten Tomato scores to determine which films people enjoyed the most. Today, we would like to delve into our findings and present the most discussed films of 2023.

1. Poor Things

Photo Credit: Element Pictures.

This absurdist comedy explores themes of autonomy, individuality, and liberty. Poor Things is the story of a young woman named Belle and her exploration of life. After a surgeon’s wife tragically passes, he creates Belle to replace her and attend to his needs.

However, Belle wishes to have her own identity and explore the world. Poor Things is witty and engaging. The film highlights the dangers of control while offering poignant commentary on the need for self-expression and exploration.

2. Oppenheimer

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

This semi-historically accurate film follows the exploits of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the driving force behind the development of the atomic bomb. The film offers a compelling look into the scientific process behind the destructive force while also examining the inner workings of the inventor himself.

Oppenheimer is a deeply personal film that highlights Oppenheimer’s struggle with the ethical considerations of nuclear warfare and his resignation to his place in history as the inventor of the most devastating weapon the world has ever known.

3. Anatomy of a Fall

Photo Credit: Les Films Pelléas.

This film is a profoundly moving exploration of trauma, grief, and life after the loss of a loved one. Anatomy of a Fall follows a writer and her half-blind son as she attempts to prove her innocence following her husband’s death.

Audiences love Anatomy of a Fall for its raw and honest messaging. At its heart, the film is a deeply human narrative about love, loss and healing.

4. Barbie

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

This groundbreaking film subverted all expectations in 2023. It presents an empowering view of the iconic child’s toy, Barbie. The movie follows Barbie as she sets off on a path of self-exploration, discovery and redemption.

Barbie is praised as a feminist icon, inspiring viewers to break their limitations and be true to themselves. The movie explores themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and identity. Barbie is a family-friendly film that offers a positive message and is a must-see for audiences of all ages.

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5. Saltburn

Photo Credit: MGM.

This provocative film became an overnight sensation for its graphic imagery and shocking scenes. Saltburn is a deep dive into the power of desire and obsession. A subversive and seductive thriller, Saltburn crawls under your skin in a way few other films can.

6. Priscilla

Photo Credit: American Zoetrope.

This film showcases the darker side of influence. Priscilla explores the infamous relationship between a teenage Priscilla Beaulieu and the much older king of rock, Elvis Presley. The film goes to great lengths to try to accurately display the power imbalance between these two iconic figures.

At its heart, Priscilla is a film that highlights the dangers of influence, star power and lust. The film has received backlash for its portrayal of Elvis Presley. While it’s impossible to say who is right, Priscilla is a brilliant film that highlights the darker side of the entertainment industry.

7. Godzilla Minus One

Photo Credit: Robot Communications.

This Kaiju has been entertaining audiences since 1956. Godzilla has changed a lot in the past seventy years. While he initially started as a harrowing message about the effects of radiation following World War II, he has since been a villain, an antihero and the protector of the Earth. Godzilla Minus One takes audiences back to where it all began.

Featuring some of the most remarkable special effects the world has ever seen, Godzilla Minus One has swept numerous awards ceremonies and has received critical acclaim. It seems audiences prefer Godzilla as the force of destruction he was always meant to be.

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8. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Following the massive success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans eagerly awaited to see what this new sequel would bring them. The result is a film filled with so many gags and pop culture references it could be listed as a master class in fan service.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse moves away from the tired superhero tropes and gives audiences something new and exciting. This film proves that Marvel flicks don’t always have to be gritty and realistic. Sometimes, superhero films can just be fun.

9. The Boy and the Heron

Photo Credit: Studio Ghibli.

Brought to us by the amazing Hayao Miyazaki, The Boy and the Heron may be the greatest anime of a generation. The film follows Mahito trying to settle in after his mother’s death. However, a mysterious gray heron informs him that his mother is alive and waiting for him in a new magical world.

The Boy and the Heron is a beautiful and whacky film that addresses some of the world’s current problems. Robert Pattinson’s exceptional performance helps this film stand out as one of the most heartwarming tales of the decade.

10. Past Lives

Photo Credit: A24.

This beautiful film showcases how our choices affect our lives. Past Lives follows Nora and Hae Sung, two childhood friends who are separated after Nora’s family leaves South Korea. The two continue to come into contact with each other, but things never seem to work out as they had hoped.

This melancholy tale showcases the lives these characters could have had if things had been different. Past Lives teaches audiences not to dwell on the past but instead enjoy the love and companionship we often take for granted.

11. The Zone of Interest

Photo Credit: A24.

This film highlights the banality of evil. The Zone of Interest follows an S.S. officer and his family living in a large mansion just outside Auschwitz. This harrowing film shows how everyday life can continue while acts of pure evil happen just outside of eyesight.

The Zone of Interest highlights how normalization works. At some point, all of the world’s tragedies and the horrors on the news just become background noise. The Zone of Interest is one of the most fearless Holocaust movies of a generation.

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12. Killers of the Flower Moon

Photo Credit: Apple Studios.

Brought to us by America’s greatest living director, Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon follows a series of murders at the Osage Indian reservation in the 1920s. Scorsese brings his usual flair for dramatics and delivers a delicious slow-burn film filled with intrigue and mystery.

13. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

DND movies aren’t known for performing exceptionally well at the box office. That all changed with the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. This self-aware film features a whacky group of misfits who more accurately represent most DND sessions.

Much of this film’s success can be attributed to DND’s rise in popularity in recent years. Shows like Critical Role and Dimension 20 have highlighted how fun and accessible the game really is. Whether you are a DND fan or not, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a campy ride everyone can enjoy.

14. The Killer

Photo Credit: Netflix.

The brilliant David Fincher brings us The Killer, which follows an assassin whose latest job doesn’t go as planned. This kicks off a chain of events that may not only cost him his life but also his sanity. David Fincher always goes the extra mile crafting a mind-bending thriller. The Killer is no exception.

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15. Talk to Me

Photo Credit: Causeway Films.

This is a classic tale of Ouija possession with a modern twist. Talk to Me follows a group of students who use a mysterious hand to speak with the dead. Instead of using this powerful artifact to change the world, the kids decide to use it as a party trick. Things go about as well as you would expect for this group of youngsters.

Talk to Me is the latest installment in what is known as “elevated horror.” This subgenre tries to move away from the classic tropes associated with horror and bring something with a bit more substance to the table. While Talk to Me may only partially pull off this endeavor, it is still a great horror flick everybody should see.

16. Bottoms

Photo Credit: MGM.

Equal parts Fight Club and coming-of-age tale, Bottoms is the newest character study from filmmaker Emma Seligman. This carnage-filled rom-com follows two high school students who start an afterschool fight club to pick up hot cheerleaders.

While teenage rom coms are a dime a dozen, Bottoms approaches the genre in a way that no one else has, mainly by exploring the violence that accompanies all the hormones and angst of our youth. Bottoms is a delightful film that will undoubtedly become a cult classic.

17. How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Photo Credit: Neon.

This movie asks if eco-terrorists are really the bad guys. How to Blow Up a Pipeline follows a group of people who join together to disrupt an oil pipeline in Texas. With the current state of climate change fears, this film offers a harrowing look into the minds of those who are willing to give it all to change its outcome.

18. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Mario is the most iconic video game figure of all time. While its previous feature film has become a meme for just how awful it is, the new Super Mario Bros. Movie is a resounding success.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie won over audiences for its fan service, fantastic cast and delightful story. While some people took issue with the casting of our titular hero, the Movie stands out as the best video game adaptation of all time.

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19. American Fiction

Photo Credit: MGM.

This film is a deep dive into the blaxploitation genre of entertainment. American Fiction follows a frustrated writer who has grown tired of how the entertainment industry exploits black stories for profit. To combat this, he creates an over-the-top blaxploitation book under a pen name.

Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of book the American public is looking for. American Fiction offers a satirical look into the writing world and the current narrative of inclusivity. The film highlights the inherent struggle between art and profit in a way that has never been done before.

20. Evil Dead Rise

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

This iconic franchise has been a fan favorite in the horror community for over forty years. Evil Dead Rise takes the horror out of the woods and brings it to the big city. Fans were concerned that the film wouldn’t be the same without the brilliant Bruce Campbell at the reins.

Don’t worry, Evil Dead Rise still features the buckets of blood and gore that made it famous. It just has slightly less camp than its predecessors. This change of pace resonated with genre fans, and the film is considered one of the best entries in the franchise.

21. Skinamarink

Photo Credit: BayView Entertainment.

Analog horror has been making a comeback in the past few years. However, no film does this subgenre justice like Skinamarink. An incredibly divisive film, Skinamarink follows two small children who are trapped in a house after their parents mysteriously disappear.

The film is shot at low, odd angles to keep the audience perpetually disoriented. Skinamarink provides a unique horror experience from the viewpoint of a child. While some claim the film is too convoluted, Skinamarink conjured up true horror in viewers and is one of the best horror films of the decade.

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