We Ranked All of Taylor Swift’s Acting Appearances

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Taylor Swift is considered one of the most successful pop stars of all time, with a level of fame that rivals that of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. She has proven  that the entertainment industry is no longer just a boys’ club. While some might dislike her, she has built a massive fan base and is in high demand for her talent.

While Swift is primarily known for her music, she has also demonstrated her acting prowess. She’s appeared in dramas, sitcoms, comedies and sketch comedy. This talented young multi-hyphenate performer is a force to be reckoned with in the acting world.

We’ve ranked her nine acting performances. See if you agree with our reviews!

1. Amsterdam

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios.

Unfortunately, controversy surrounding director David O. Russel has complicated the public’s opinion of Amsterdam. The film was boycotted by many groups, including Swift’s own fan base. But if you put aside the controversy, this is the pop star’s most impressive role.

Like most of her roles, Swift only gets a little screen time. But in the few moments before her character gets hit by a car, we clearly see how well Swift can pull off a comedic role.

2. All Too Well

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Productions.

Not only can Swift act, but she also wrote and directed her own short film. All Too Well is a 15-minute short film that Swift created to remember the struggles she faced in her youth. The result is a theatrical film full of heart.

Fans loved the film, noting the themes of self-forgiveness and progress. Many also cite the short film as a coming-of-age piece for a new generation. The film may be short, but Swift’s performance is emotional and graceful.

3. The Lorax

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

The fact that Swift is in a musical in which she doesn’t perform any musical numbers has confused fans for over a decade. Following the cast release, fans immediately praised Swift’s inclusion in the film.

No one suspected that her role would only include dialogue. Swift’s acting was well-received, but it ‘s hard to get over the fact that one of the biggest pop stars wasn’t offered a singing role in this musical!

4. The Giver

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company.

Displaying her multitasking ability, Swift shot scenes for The Giver between acts of The Red Tour. The Giver is a popular book often recommended to young adult readers to expand their media literacy skills. This book features dramatically heavy themes set inside of a post-apocalyptic society.

Fans of the book were excited to hear that Swift would appear in the role of Rosemary. But her ability to carry such an essential role in the film left something to be desired. While Swift delivered a good performance, more experienced performers Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges outshined her.

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5. Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

Swift’s performance in the ensemble romantic comedy Valentine’s Day is the first indication that she’d become a great comedic performer. Although her total screen time in the film was under 10 minutes, audiences fell in love with her character, Felicia.

The scenes were imperfect, but a vision of what Swift could do in the future was clearly evident. Her screen presence and casual attitude helped to maximize her comedic timing throughout the film and was the beginning of her Hollywood notoriety.

6. CSI

Photo Credit: CBS Paramount Network Television.

Many up-and-coming stars have made appearances in crime procedures before hitting it big. Even Pedro Pascal did a Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode before becoming a star. So, it’s no surprise that Swift performed her first acting role as a cameo on CSI.

Swift was only 20 years old during her performance, and her lack of experience shows in her screen time. While fans enjoyed her character overall, there are obvious problems with the young actor’s line delivery.

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7. Cats

Photo Credit: Working Title Films.

Swift’s strangest performance is definitely her small part in the absurd musical Cats. She appears in the film as the orange Bengal cat Bombalurina. Fans were upset to discover that Swift only received one line of dialogue in the entire movie. But considering how the film was received, this may have been for the best.

Swift shows off her strong suit in the film by co-writing and performing the song “Beautiful Ghosts.” Her dancing and singing performances in the movie were top-notch and one of the highlights in an otherwise unremarkable film.

8. New Girl

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Volatile relationships have partially defined Swift’s career. This came full circle when she showed up for a cameo appearance in the second season of New Girl. Swift plays Elaine, who shows up to crash a wedding and runs off with one of the main characters.

Swift was willing to participate in this meta-humor episode because she was a big fan of New Girl and was excited to be a part of the series finale. Swift’s screen time here is short-lived, but comedic and memorable.

9. Hannah Montana: The Movie

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Before Swift became a world-class pop star, she was an aspiring country music singer. A cameo in the Hannah Montana movie is one of her first big breaks into the industry. Swift plays a no-name singer who shows up to perform music in the background, while the headliners dance on screen.

It is odd to see Swift playing a background role, but given her current level of stardom, there’s also something special about it. She also wrote two songs for the film, which furthered her career as a musician.

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