12 Solo Travel Nightmare Locations You Don’t Want To Add to Your Bucket List

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Traveling is one of the biggest wants of the century, with people looking to explore the world. While an adventure to a foreign land seems magical, not all places are ideal for solo travelers. If you’re venturing to these locations alone, be prepared as some of them can be unwelcoming or simply hard to navigate. Just be wary of what you put into your bucket list.

1. Paris, France

Paris, France
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Considering this is one of the most desirable cities, it might not be the right fit for solo exploration. One user talks about how they had a terrible experience with people being unkind and unwilling to help. Everything costs a kidney and then some, and there are so many con men that it’s hard to trust anyone. Better to avoid the place than to get scammed.

2. El Salvador, Central America

San Salvador, capital of El Salvador
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While the people here are welcoming and super fun, the place itself is what lacks luster. Unless you’re used to their cuisine, some travelers claim you won’t be enjoying the food there because it can be an acquired taste. What’s a vacation without a delicious hot meal to satiate all your food cravings?

3. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece
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Despite being one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens may leave you feeling unsafe. During the night, the atmosphere feels a little hostile, and one person even talked about how their friend got robbed. Due to the complexity of the city, it’s hard for anyone to navigate the streets all alone.

4. Angola, Central Africa

Luanda bay, Angola, Africa
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If you’re planning to visit Angola, you might want to reconsider because their visa process is terribly slow, with several follow-up calls and extra documentation that takes a hefty amount of time. Not only is this process tedious, but the city will break your wallet just because of their taxi fares. Coupled with expensive hotel costs, you’ll be hemorrhaging money if you can’t split the costs with a fellow traveler.

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5. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
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A person recalls their experience in Cancun, where some of the hotels were not up to par. The traveler found themself in a hotel without air conditioning despite the terribly hot temperatures. Being ripped off all alone in a new country is not something you want to experience.

6. Kazakhstan, Central Asia

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
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With the second language being Russian, the locals, including those working in shops and markets, don’t speak English. This can be really exhausting because the communication barrier will leave you feeling helpless. Not only do they not speak the same language, but one person even talks about how they faced several negative interactions with the natives and wouldn’t want to revisit them.

7. Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker, Belize
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A small coral island in the middle of Belize, this place might sound like heaven on paper, but it’s far from it for a few travelers. Some claim the beaches are filled with garbage, making them unclean, and the entire site is jam-packed with tourists. If you’re going for some relaxation, then you should scratch this off your bucket list.

8. Patna, India

Patna, India
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While India is a large country packed with culture, the city of Patna is not a place for tourists to visit. Hotels near the train stations don’t usually offer accommodation to foreigners, and the people can be hostile and reserved. If you want to visit India by yourself, going to a bigger city where you’ll find more travelers would be ideal.

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9. Northern Vietnam, Asia

A woman in a river boat in Ninh Binh. Mountains of northern Vietnam
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The shift in attitudes from the southern part of the country to the northern part is actually quite drastic. Northern Vietnam is more reserved and they don’t usually appreciate anyone visiting their hometown. Several vendors will try to scam you as soon as they see that you’re not a local, so it’s best to avoid the place.

10. Hollywood Boulevard, California

Hollywood, California
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I know what you’re thinking: the infamous Hollywood Boulevard? But it really is a complete nightmare to visit when you’re not traveling with a partner. Most of the nightlife is catered toward groups of people, which may make you uncomfortable. The place is congested with people, leaving little room for enjoyment.

11. Phuket, Thailand

Aerial view in Patong beach in Phuket Province, Thailand
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This is another place where petty theft is rampant at night. It is just not ideal for solo explorers. There is a language barrier, and you’ll feel entirely alone with everything catered specifically towards couples and romantic partners. Tour operators are often ready to trap foreigners with their high rates.

12. Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo is known for petty thefts, so some inexperienced solo travelers might be unprepared to walk the streets alone. But that’s not all. Their culture and way of life are very different from what many used to, making it hard for single people to adjust to the new surroundings when they first arrive by themselves.

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