12 Things You Couldn’t Pay People To Buy, Even With All the Money in the World

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In a world run by money, we all understand the importance of it. With it, we can buy whatever, whenever. Once our basic needs are met, we all dream of what we can do with the excess. No matter how much money you have, there are a handful of items that, even with all the money in the world, people would still not spend that hard-earned cash on.

1. Designer Clothing

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Even with every penny in the world, people believe clothing such as Gucci should never be bought. While the quality is very similar to clothing brands that sell their products cheaply, a simple t-shirt from Gucci can cost thousands of dollars.

2. Verification Tag

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With social media starting to advance, some companies have removed verification tags on celebrities who had them. Once removed from everyone’s name, you must pay a monthly subscription to keep this symbol next to your name. This little checkmark does not provide any additional benefit, and most people don’t see the point in paying for it.

3. NFTs

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With technology advancing daily, how we spend, use, and create money changes. One of the biggest changes in the past few years has been non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A lot of the time, these are just pictures that were created digitally, and you can buy them for thousands of dollars, almost like crypto-currency. NFTs faded fast from social media once people started to screenshot the thousand-dollar “one-of-a-kind” pictures. If everyone has access to it, it begins to lose its value.

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4. iPhone

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Much of the world already owns phones, more specifically, an iPhone. The people who do not own any Apple products have strong reasons for not purchasing them. One of the top reasons is that Android has more universal charging ports, more storage, and more customizable features. They also complain that iPhones are complicated and not user-friendly, and you can’t pay them to switch.

5. Expensive Shoes

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While buying a good solid pair of shoes may cost you a big bill, it’s worth it to your feet. Some people buy shoes that are thousands of dollars, which many feel is never worth it. Most people stress that any shoes over $300 aren’t worth it, and are for status only.

6. Animal Fur

Coats made of animal fur
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Even though animal fur may look great in your home, how it was harvested is probably not in the animal’s best interest. A lot of the time, the fur from these animals comes from farms where the animals are not treated right and killed solely for their fur coat. So, even though the price may not be an issue, this may not be okay morally to some individuals.

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7. Snacks at a Movie Theater

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Snacks at a movie theater will always be over-priced, regardless of how much money you have. People keep a tradition of going to Dollar General to load up on cheap candy and then sneaking it in. While this is not allowed in most movie theaters, many people continue to do it.

8. YouTube Premium Subscription

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A YouTube subscription may not be something you need or will ever need. Unless you are an extremely avid YouTube watcher, this premium subscription is not worth it for anyone. After paying almost fifteen dollars a month, it’s one more streaming service whose features you’re probably not entirely using.

9. Nestlé

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While Nestlé’s products may not be the issue, they have had a horrible reputation for a long time now. This mostly started in the 1970s, when Nestlé gave baby formula to poor countries. Once the free formula was gone, Nestlé would charge the mother for the formula. Given that the families could not afford to purchase it, they would dilute it, leading to malnutrition and eventual death of the babies.

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10. Exotic Animals

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Owning a unique pet may be pretty awesome for a while until it becomes a pain to take care of due to its unique and needy requests. Not only are they difficult to take care of, but they could also seriously hurt you and the people around you. Maybe the tiger gets off a leash and hurts someone; you never know. Most homes these exotic pets are in are generally not a suitable environment unless you have an area big enough for them.

11. Bottled Water

Bottled Water
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Even though it is very cheap and easy to grab a pack of bottled water off of the shelf, this is not good for the environment at all. All of these bottles build up quickly, which, if not recycled, will end up in a landfill to take up room. Not only is it bad for the earth, but plastic bottles contain microplastics within, which, when consumed, can harm your body. Unless you’re in an area where drinking water is unsafe, just stick to tap water.

12. Tesla

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In today’s world, electric cars, more specifically, Teslas, are becoming extremely popular all across the globe. While they may look incredible and relaxed from the outside, they come with many problems. There have been reports of cars having lots of trouble with auto-pilot, resulting in a near crash or even crash. Pairing this with the lousy safety features, these cars also have a higher chance of exploding or catching fire.

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