23 Best Sports movies of the 2020s

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The 2020s have seen an impressive array of the best sports movies that delve deep into the drama, excitement, and personal narratives at the core of athletic competition. From tales of underdog triumphs to biographical portraits of sports legends, these films have captivated audiences worldwide with their gripping storytelling.

Despite the abundance of live sports coverage and analysis available today, the standout sports movies of the 2020s continue to offer fresh perspectives and profound insights into the world of athletics. They remind us that sports extend beyond mere scores and statistics, shining a spotlight on the individual journeys of athletes, their sacrifices, victories, and moments of transformation that resonate deeply with viewers.

1. The Saint of Second Chances 

Photo Credit: Tremolo Productions.

The Saint of Second Chances follows the journey of a once-promising high school football team as they attempt to reclaim their former glory after years of disappointment. Led by their determined coach and a group of resilient players, the team faces numerous challenges on and off the field as they strive to overcome adversity and prove themselves worthy of redemption. 

Through teamwork, perseverance, and unwavering belief in themselves, the Saints discover that true victory goes beyond wins and losses. It’s about the second chances they give each other and the bonds they forge as they fight to reclaim their place in the spotlight.

2. Creed III

Photo Credit: MGM.

In Creed III, we witness the next chapter in the inspiring journey of Adonis Creed, the son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed. As Adonis grapples with his newfound fame and the weight of his family legacy, he faces his toughest opponent yet—himself. Determined to carve out his path in the boxing world, Adonis must confront his inner demons and the demons of his past to truly step into his own as a champion. 

With the support of his loyal trainer, Rocky Balboa, and the love of his life, Bianca, Adonis embarks on a soul-searching quest for redemption, both in and out of the ring. There, he discovers that the true measure of a champion lies not in victory but in the courage to face one’s fears and rise again.

3. Gran Turismo 

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures.

In this masterpiece, a young, ambitious race car driver embarks on a thrilling journey to conquer the world of professional motorsports, fueled by a dream of making it big. As he navigates the competitive racing world, he faces numerous challenges, including fierce rivalries, technical hurdles, and personal sacrifices. 

With the help of his dedicated team and the guidance of seasoned mentors, he pushes himself to the limit, determined to prove his skills on the track and achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a champion. Along the way, he discovers that the road to success is paved with triumphs and setbacks and that true greatness lies in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

4. Hustle 

Photo Credit: Happy Madison Productions.

Hustle follows the captivating journey of a down-and-out former basketball prodigy who finds himself coaching a struggling senior high team in a run-down neighborhood. Despite his initial reluctance and skepticism from players and community members, he discovers a hidden talent in a group of misfit players. He embarks on a mission to turn their fortunes around. 

Through hard work, determination, and unorthodox coaching methods, the team begins to defy the odds and rally together as they strive for victory on and off the court. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself, proving that with hustle and heart, anything is possible.

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5. King Richard

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

King Richard tells the story of Richard Williams, the determined father and coach who guided his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, to become two of the greatest tennis players in history. Set against the backdrop of Compton, California, Richard faces numerous challenges as he navigates the world of professional tennis, including skepticism, prejudice, and financial struggles. 

Through his unwavering belief in his daughters’ talent and unorthodox coaching methods, Richard pushes them to overcome adversity and reach the pinnacle of success on the international stage. Along the way, the Williams family’s remarkable journey is a testament to the transformative power of love, determination, and faith in pursuing greatness.

6. American Underdog

Photo Credit: City on a Hill Productions.

This inspiring sports movie, American Underdog, chronicles the incredible account of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, who overcame overwhelming odds to achieve football superstardom. From working odd jobs to playing in the Arena Football League, Warner’s journey is marked by setbacks, rejection, and perseverance. 

With the unwavering support of his wife, Brenda, and a steadfast belief in his abilities, Warner defies expectations to lead the St. Louis Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV. Through triumphs and tribulations, Warner’s story exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit and the power of never giving up on one’s dreams.

7. Air

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios.

Air is a gripping sports movie that follows the thrilling journey of a talented young basketball player who dreams of making it to the big leagues. However, when tragedy strikes, and he loses his ability to play the game he loves, he must confront his fears and find a new path. With the help of a wise and eccentric mentor, he discovers that true greatness lies not just in physical prowess but in the strength of the heart and the power of determination. As he learns to soar again, on and off the court, he finds that the sky’s the limit when you dare to chase your dreams.

8. Father Stu

Photo Credit: CJ Entertainment.

Father Stu is a heartwarming and inspirational sports movie based on the true account of boxer-turned-priest Stuart Long. The film depicts Stuart’s remarkable journey from a troubled youth and promising boxing career to his unexpected spiritual awakening and eventual ordination as a Catholic priest. Along the way, Stuart faces numerous challenges, including personal demons, physical injuries, and doubts about his calling, but ultimately finds redemption and purpose in his faith. 

With his wife’s unwavering support and mentor’s guidance, Stuart embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing, proving that sometimes the greatest victories come from within.

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9. The Way Back

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The Way Back is a powerful sports drama that delves into the journey of redemption and self-discovery of Jack Cunningham, a former senior high basketball phenom who has lost his way. Haunted by past mistakes and drowning in alcoholism, Jack is given a chance at redemption when he is offered the opportunity to coach his alma mater’s struggling basketball team. 

Reluctantly accepting the job, Jack finds solace and purpose in guiding the team of underdogs while confronting his inner demons and personal struggles. Through the trials and tribulations of the basketball season, Jack finds hope, healing, and a sense of belonging, ultimately learning that sometimes the hardest battles are the ones we fight within ourselves.

10. The Iron Claw

Photo Credit: A24.

This gripping sports movie follows the journey of a determined wrestler who faces overwhelming odds in pursuit of his dreams. Set in the gritty world of amateur wrestling, the film centers on the protagonist’s struggle to overcome personal demons, family expectations, and fierce competition in his quest for glory. With unwavering determination and a relentless work ethic, he navigates the challenges of the sport while confronting inner turmoil and external obstacles. 

As he battles his way through the ranks, he discovers the true meaning of strength, resilience, and the resilient spirit of a champion. Through triumphs and setbacks, this account is intertwined with themes of tenacity, sacrifice, and the relentless quest for greatness over all circumstances.

11. Nyad

Photo Credit: Black Bear.

Nyad is a captivating sports drama inspired by the incredible true story of endurance swimmer Diana Nyad. The movie depicts Diana’s historic quest to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. Despite numerous failed attempts and setbacks, Diana remains undeterred in her determination to achieve her seemingly impossible goal. 

As she battles treacherous currents, jellyfish stings, and her own physical and mental limitations, Diana’s journey becomes a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and the human spirit. With the unwavering support of her team and a fierce inner drive, Diana embarks on a journey of self-discovery and triumph that inspires millions worldwide.

12. Ferrari

Photo Credit: Forward Pass.

Ferrari is an exhilarating sports drama that chronicles the legendary rivalry between two iconic racing drivers, Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby. Set against the backdrop of the high-stakes world of Formula One racing, the narrative portrays Enzo Ferrari’s quest to build the fastest and most powerful race car in history. At the same time, Shelby, a former driver turned designer, seeks to dethrone him with his revolutionary Ford GT40. 

As the competition heats up on and off the track, tensions rise, alliances are tested, and personal vendettas threaten to derail both men’s dreams of victory. With adrenaline-pumping racing sequences, heart-stopping drama, and a cast of unforgettable characters, Ferrari is a thrilling ride that celebrates the relentless pursuit of excellence and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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13. Dream Horse 

Photo Credit: Film4.

Dream Horse is a heartwarming sports movie based on the true story of a small-town Welsh bartender, Jan Vokes, who defies the odds to breed and raise a champion racehorse. Inspired by her aspirations and the encouragement of her community, Jan embarks on a journey to transform a ragtag group of locals into horse racing enthusiasts and investors.

With determination, hard work, and unwavering belief, they pool their resources to breed a racehorse they affectionately call Dream Alliance. 

As Dream Alliance defies expectations and rises through the ranks of the racing world, Jan and her community discover that dreams can come true, proving that even the most unlikely heroes can achieve greatness with passion, perseverance, and a little luck.

14. Next Goal Wins 

Photo Credit: Archer’s Mark.

From rock bottom to redemption, this sports movie follows the inspiring journey of the American Samoa national soccer team as they strive to redeem themselves after a humiliating defeat. With the worst record in FIFA history, the team sets out to overcome adversity and rewrite their story under their new coach, Thomas Rongen. As they train tirelessly and bond as a team, they embark on a quest for victory in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. 

Along the way, they confront personal challenges, cultural barriers, and the weight of expectations. Still, their resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit shine through as they aim for their next objective: redemption on the world stage. Through triumphs and setbacks, this movie is a powerful testament to the transformative power of sports, unity, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

15. The Novice 

Photo Credit: Picture Movers Anonymous.

The Novice is a gripping sports movie that follows the intense journey of a young college freshman as she joins the rowing team at an elite university. Fueled by ambition and a desire to prove herself, the novice rower quickly becomes obsessed with her newfound sport, pushing herself physically and mentally to the limit. As she navigates the grueling training regimen and competitive atmosphere, she discovers the exhilarating highs and crushing lows of collegiate rowing while grappling with her inner demons and the pressures of academic success. 

With stunning cinematography, raw emotion, and powerhouse performances, The Novice is a visceral exploration of ambition, obsession, and the pursuit of excellence in the relentless world of collegiate athletics and is considered an outstanding sports movie.

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16. The Boys in the Boat 

Photo Credit: MGM.

The Boys in the Boat highlights the against-all-odds journey of a University of Washington crew as they set out for Olympic success in 1936 Berlin. Set against the Great Depression and rising tensions in Europe, the story follows a team of young, working-class oarsmen who overcome adversity and personal challenges to achieve greatness on the world stage. Led by their determined coach and fueled by camaraderie, grit, and determination, the team defies the odds to capture the hearts of a nation and make history with their remarkable victory. 

Through breathtaking rowing sequences, powerful performances, and a timeless message of perseverance and unity, The Boys in the Boat is an unforgettable tale of triumph against all odds that resonates long after the final race.

17. The Phantom of the Open

Photo Credit: BBC Film.

The Phantom of the Open is a captivating sports comedy based on the true story of Maurice Flitcroft, an unassuming crane operator who becomes an unlikely legend in professional golf. Determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of competing in the British Open, Maurice defies all odds and expectations to qualify for the prestigious tournament. With little formal training and unconventional techniques, Maurice’s journey to the Open is filled with laughter, heart, and unexpected twists and turns. Maurice’s sturdy spirit and unwavering determination inspire fans and fellow competitors as he navigates the challenges of the golf course and the scrutiny of the golfing elite. 

Through humor, wit, and a touch of magic, The Phantom of the Open is a delightful sports comedy. It is a tale of chasing dreams, defying conventions, and embracing the joy of the game.

18. Bruised 

Photo Credit: Romulus Entertainment.

Bruised is a powerful sports movie that follows the journey of Jackie Justice, a disgraced MMA fighter who seeks redemption both inside and outside the ring. Haunted by past mistakes and personal demons, Jackie struggles to rebuild her life while training for a comeback fight that could change everything. As she grapples with her inner turmoil and confronts the expectations of those around her, Jackie must find the strength to face her fears, embrace her identity, and fight for the chance to reclaim her place in the world of mixed martial arts. 

With intense fight sequences, raw emotion, and a powerful performance by lead actress Halle Berry, Bruised is a gripping tale of resilience, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

19. Hero: The Official Film of the 1986 FIFA World Cup

Photo Credit: Worldmark-Samuelson International Productions.

Hero: The Official Film of the 1986 FIFA World Cup is an inspiring sports drama that celebrates the unbreakable spirit of athletes from a small, overlooked country as they defy the odds to compete on the world stage. Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous political landscape and social unrest, the film recounts the journey of the national soccer team as they strive to qualify for the World Cup. 

With limited resources, little support, and facing formidable opponents, the team must overcome internal divisions and external challenges to unite as one and represent their country with pride. Through heart-stopping matches, emotional highs, and crushing defeats, Hero: The Official Film of the 1986 FIFA World Cup is a testament to the power of unity, determination, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

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20. Rising Phoenix 

Photo Credit: HTYT Films.

Rising Phoenix is a captivating sports movie spotlighting the extraordinary athletes competing in the Paralympic Games. Through intimate interviews, breathtaking footage, and powerful storytelling, the film showcases these remarkable individuals’ resilience, determination, and sheer athleticism. From overcoming adversity to achieving greatness on the world stage, Rising Phoenix celebrates the triumphs and challenges of Paralympic athletes from around the globe. 

With its inspiring message of courage, perseverance, and the power of the human spirit, this documentary is a must-watch for sports fans and anyone seeking inspiration.

21. The Last Dance

Photo Credit: NBA Entertainment.

The Last Dance is an electrifying sports series that chronicles the career of basketball legend Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ quest for a sixth NBA championship in the 1997-1998 season. With exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, and behind-the-scenes access, the series offers an intimate look at Jordan’s unparalleled talent, relentless drive, and competitive spirit. As the Bulls navigate the highs and lows of the season, including internal conflicts, external pressures, and fierce competition, The Last Dance paints a vivid portrait of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. 

With its compelling storytelling, dramatic tension, and iconic moments, this series is a thrilling ride for basketball fans and a timeless tribute to the Chicago Bulls and Michael’s enduring legacy.

22. 14 Peaks 

Photo Credit: Noah Media Group.

14 Peaks is an awe-inspiring sports documentary that follows mountaineer Nimsdai Purja as he embarks on an unprecedented quest to climb all 14 of the world’s highest peaks in just seven months. With breathtaking cinematography and nail-biting suspense, the film captures the extreme challenges, triumphs, and tragedies of high-altitude mountaineering. 

As Nimsdai pushes his limits and defies the odds, he sets new records and inspires audiences with his courage, determination, and unwavering spirit. Through perilous ascents, harrowing setbacks, and moments of profound beauty, 14 Peaks is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the relentless pursuit of greatness in the face of adversity.

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