Digital Detox: How These 11 People Spend Their Offline Moments

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The digital world has us glued to our screens 24/7. In such situations, a digital detox has become more of a necessity than we’d like to admit. The constant buzzing of notifications, the endless rabbit hole of content consumption, and the fear of missing out when you see everyone living their best lives. Here are how 11 people spend their offline moments.

1. Cooking a Big Meal for Their Friends

Man doing barbecue
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When you’re not sitting and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, you have plenty of time to spare. One user mentioned whipping up a fancy meal for all their friends to enjoy together. Not only is this an excellent way to get some physical activity in, but it is such a wholesome idea to dine and wine without your screens.

2. Binge Reading

Beautiful woman in balcony reading novel
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Books are a whole new world packed into a couple of hundred pages. One person claims to spend hours and hours reading when they’re away from their phone. Venturing into someone else’s life for a few hours, living in their shoes, and experiencing their bonds with others can feel surreal. You’re basically cosplaying in a fictional land where the possibilities are endless.

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3. Driving Around the City

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There’s something thrilling about getting in your car, pressing the pedal, and exploring the city. For some people, this is their version of reading a book. While driving, one person likes to make a pit stop at some of the houses up for sale. Looking at the interior design helps them fantasize about their own future home. It’s almost like daydreaming with your eyes open.

4. Getting a Massage

Woman getting Massage
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What better way to destress from all that blue light than to get a relaxing massage? Unsurprisingly, a massage is one of the go-tos for people trying to get social media out of their systems. Treating yourself to a nice spa day and untangling those anxiety knots can really go a long way.

5. Learning To Juggle

Woman juggling
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No, we’re not talking about juggling all your problems; I mean literal juggling. One person shared about how they learned to juggle in their free time because they didn’t have their smartphone for six entire months. Juggling can be a lot of fun, especially with some background music to keep you company. There’s just nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it.

6. Cleaning Your Room

Young Woman Cleaning The Wooden Shelf
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It might come as a surprise, but cleaning your room is quite cathartic. Not only does it help complete a chore you’ve been putting off, but you also get to occupy your mind with something other than stress. It might not sound too fun, but it definitely makes you feel good afterward. Clean room = clean mind!

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7. Exercise

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This one is a fan favorite for all the gym bros out there. It sounds cliche when I say exercising helps clear your mind, but it actually works. A pump of adrenaline helps elevate some anxiety while giving you that much-needed physical activity your body is craving. You don’t need to lift weights; some simple cardio can also do the trick.

8. Dance Around in Your Room

Man hearing music dancing
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Let your inner child run wild as you dance along to your favorite tunes. A lot of people find that dancing helps lift their moods and spirits. It’s a fun way to kill time as you sway those hips to some bright music. Dancing relieves boredom and makes everything just a little bit better.

9. Sleeping

Man sleeping
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While sleeping isn’t the most productive thing on this list, it’s definitely a spectacular way to catch up on the rest that you deserve. Some shuteye can genuinely help make life a whole lot better. One person speaks about how sleeping instead of doomscrolling helps them wake up fresher instead of walking around like a sleep-deprived zombie.

10. Making a To-Do List for the Next Day

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A secret hack to getting work done quickly and efficiently is a good old to-do list. To-do lists allow you to be organized so that you won’t be missing out on anything important. Counting your tasks for the next day can help calm down those nerves and allow you to feel more in control. Instead of fretting over what others are doing, you can plan out your day.

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11. Sipping on Some Tea

Beautiful woman enjoying coffee
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This seems like a pretty obvious one, but if you really think about it, how many of us actually take the time to savor a freshly brewed cup of tea over coffee to-go? Warm tea can be a source of comfort for a lot of people, but if you get some fresh air along with it, it becomes that much better. Listen to some birds chirp and let the warm elixir soothe your sorrows.

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